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Alcatel Telephone System

Alcatel Phone System

We are technical experts on the Alcatel IP phone system

OXO Connect from Alcatel-Lucent is one of our favourite on-premise ip telephone systems, because it can handle virtually anything you throw at it and works beautifully in almost all environments. The Alcatel phone system boasts many features, outstanding reliability and unbeatable value – and is renowned for its longevity.

We continue to maintain systems we installed over 10 years ago which still meets all the demands of the end users. This makes the Alcatel OXO a popular choice for education, enterprise and defence. The perfect choice for anyone looking for an affordable and robust telephone system.

Your Alcatel ip phone system can easily scale as your needs evolve, starting with as few as five users, it affordably scales to hundreds of users in multiple locations.

Prices start from £1,149

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    Price match guarantee
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    Expert Alcatel engineers

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    Hybrid system works with ISDN & SIP

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    Designed for the harshest environments

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    Unbeatable handset life

    Comes as standard

    Auto Attendant

    Greet your caller with a message in up to four languages with options to route their call to their required destination.


    Voicemail can be added to an individual user or groups. The message can be listened to on a handset, or forwarded to your email with the audio attached.

    Works with SIP, ISDN, PSTN

    The Alcatel-Lucent will work with every type of “telephone line”.

    Wide choice of handsets

    To suit all users and budgets. Many of our customers choose the Alcatel for the QWERTY keyboard that comes with their premium handsets, it saves so much time when looking for numbers.

    Alcatel are known for their robust range of wireless handsets to provide full coverage for the largest of premises. Available as DECT, or WiFi versions.

    Rainbow Instant Messaging

    Connect and collaborate with your business community. Free to download and use by anyone, but with added features for Alcatel users.

    Very secure

    Rest assured, the “IP” in Alcatel-Lucent IP Touch is fully secured against intrusion, eavesdropping or hacking. With its powerful armoury, you benefit from the openness of an application, safe from the risk of outside attack.

    One Number

    Thanks to the cellular extension option, your team can be reached on their mobile, or when combined with a software application, they can access company services such as call management, call filtering, voicemail and call logs as if they’re working from their desk!

    Optional Extras

    Call recording

    Record your inbound and outbound calls with our MiFID II and PCI compliant platforms. Available as cloud or on-premise solutions.


    All brands and types available, wired or wireless. We have a preference to Plantronics ourselves.


    The switch is the beating heart of your network. When adopting any VoIP telephone handset, your switches will need to provide power using PoE (Power over Ethernet) and be capable of prioritising the voice packets to maintain best call quality.


    If you are choosing some WiFi handsets, it is important to ensure your WiFi network is suitable. We can assess the suitability of your WiFi network with our audit service.


    We have a range of options available depending on your requirements. Enquire for more details.

    Audio branding

    Transform your callers experience and create valuable cross selling opportunities with our professional studio produced Audio branding.

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