Black Friday Deals?

Black Friday Deals at easyNetworks

A Cloud Phone System from easyNetworks isn’t just a Black Friday deal…we offer these fantastic prices all year round.

The new Cloud Phone System’s Standard subscription starts at just £6 per user, per month with no tie ins or silly long contracts, just pay as you go and increase or decrease the user count when you need. We’re technical experts, not salespeople, we never upsell you something that you don’t need.

Please take a look at our google reviews…our 5-star rating speaks for itself.

What is a Cloud Phone System?

It’s basically a telephone system that is hosted in the cloud: calls flow through the internet and you can manage access to your system through a web browser.  A Cloud Phone System from easyNetworks supports and embraces a hybrid working model, so you and your team can work from anywhere, at any time. The main cloud telephone system allocates an extension to each staff member and allows them to make and receive calls on any device, and they can even use it via their mobile through the Cisco WebEx app.

WebEx app from Cisco

The Cisco WebEx app takes advantage of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, enabling staff to take their work with them when they’re on the go.  Along as they are connected to Wi-Fi or 3/4g, the smartphone and softphone app can give users access to “the same intelligent calling features anywhere: in the office, at home or on the move”, empowering flexible working and enabling hybrid working!

Embrace flexibility

Cloud phone’s flexibility doesn’t stop there. Your Cloud Phone subscription count is scalable in support of growing and larger enterprises, and with the new Standard and light subscriptions, we can offer packages to all business sizes.

You can also say goodbye to expensive onsite PBX equipment, system upgrade costs, maintenance costs, or pricy telecom engineers visits because Cloud Phone from easyNetworks upgrades itself!

If your company is considering a new telephone system, our Cloud Phone Instant quote tool will provide you with all the information you’ll need to decide which subscription best suits you. Find out for yourself!

Check out our Cloud Phone trilogy series on YouTube.

The benefits of Cloud Phone

  • The ultimate in security and resilience
  • Flexible working for your staff
  • Flexible 30-day rolling contracts
  • Fast, seamless migration
  • Fully supported by our UK Helpdesk
  • Easy to use web portal
  • Wide selection of endpoints
  • Keep your virtual phone number for business
  • Expert installation

Is a Cloud Phone System for me?

In many cases, the answer is yes; modern cloud telecoms solutions have matured enough to offer reliable, excellent call quality with exciting features at a low cost.

If you’re still not sold, we’re currently counting down the days until the Great British Switch off. From 2025 you will no longer be able to use PTSN/ISDN lines as BT or more specifically, its network management business Openreach have replaced most lines with fibre-optic cables.

The “Great British switch-off” is fast approaching, so are you ready, or will you be left on hold?

Mix and Match subscriptions that benefit your team

Regardless of your business size, you can personalise your subscription to one that suits your team’s needs. you can embrace hybrid working and even mix and match your user subscriptions, so they‘re based on your users’ needs!

You can choose from a Standard user, Premium user, Team user, Sip channel for Teams.

Take a look at our features list and below at our Cloud Phone System Comparison Table.

Cloud-Phone-system-Features-List.pdf (

Cloud Phone System subscription comparison table

Cloud Phone System Comparison table
*Subject to our Unlimited Calls Fair Usage Policy. **Requires Microsoft Business Voice license (without call bundle).

Why choose a Cloud Phone System from easyNetworks this Black Friday?

If you want the Black Friday Feeling all year round, why look anywhere else? We won’t lock you into long overbearing contracts and up the price later in the year; we offer these low prices all year round! Every day Is Black Friday at easyNetworks

Unlike other companies…we’re passionate about providing the best possible advice at the best price because we’re IT & Telecoms experts, not salespeople! For a further look at our low prices but great quality products and services, visit our website. We offer most IT & Telecoms solutions from Data cabling, IT support, Cloud Phone Systems, Microsoft 365 and broadband, to business mobile deals.

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