Case Study Atlas Helicopters

Relocate to new HQ at Lasham Airfield

Project Brief
Provide new telecoms and network for new HQ at Lasham airfield.

Project Overview
Atlas Helicopters are an established and leading business providing helicopter hire and private helicopter charter in the UK. Their HQ at Lasham Airfield enables them to quickly serve charters from Central London and the Home Counties to anywhere in the UK and near Continent.

easyNetworks had supported their telecoms environment for many years at their Daedalus airfield HQ. Their telecoms needs were changing and they needed more agility to ensure they never missed important calls from their clients, and they decided to relocate their HQ nearer to London. Their relocation presented the perfect opportunity to upgrade their telephone system to a cloud based version before moving. Their new cloud pbx provides the Atlas team with great flexibility and enables agile working, ensuring they always receive that important call. And when they relocated, it was simply the case of unplugging the old telephone handsets – and reconnecting in their new offices – easy!

In readiness for their new premises occupation, easyNetworks installed a new network infrastructure in their purpose built HQ at Lasham airfield. This included the flood wiring of Cat.6 network cabling. Their new cloud pbx uses IP handsets which accept a connection from each PC or laptop, meaning each staff member needs only a single Cat.6 data socket, this represented significant savings as fewer Cat.6 ports were required.

Their new HQ also needed a WiFi network which was also supplied by easyNetworks. A virtual controller was included which simplifies management and delivers a secure WiFi network for staff – and an isolated open network for their customers and visitors.

A new Internet circuit was installed which is optimised for their cloud pbx. This ensures the voice traffic from the cloud pbx is always processed with the highest priority over other Internet traffic, so you never sound like a Dalek!

The project was a great success, allowing Atlas to simply turn up – plug in – and start working.

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