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CityFibre Gigabit Internet From £189

As a partner, easyNetworks is proud to offer full fibre internet connectivity on behalf of CityFibre broadband, in all available connected cities. Full fibre brings Fibre to the Premises, FTTP means that your internet is carried via a fibre-optic link, directly from your business premises, all the way to the exchange.

The CityFibre network outperforms most current internet infrastructures. The difference is usual fibre-optic speeds are compromised by a section of slower copper cables that connect your premises to the on-street distribution cabinet (known as Fibre to the Cabinet (or FTTC)).  While CityFibre broadband, on the other hand, offers similar internet speeds to those from a dedicated leased line and it’s significantly cheaper – making it a great choice if it’s available in your area.

CityFibre broadband contract packages 12 months

Full fibre enables exceptional gigabit internet using CityFibre’s popular Ethernet Flex Service, this service provides a minimum guaranteed speed of 200Mbs, but it can reach up to 1GB.

Ethernet Flex is available to easyNetworks as a CityFibre providers partner from £189 per month (subject to survey and contract).

Many Ethernet Flex customers benefit from gigabit internet speeds due to the redundancy on the network. We won’t be beaten on price for CityFibre packages, and we guarantee to match or beat any equivalent quotes for CityFibre broadband costs. Contract commitments start from 12 months.

What is CityFibre?

Our partner CityFibre is the UK’s largest alternative provider of fibre network infrastructure. CityFibre broadband brings full fibre connectivity to 50+ cities throughout the UK; these locations are known as “Gigabit Cities.” They currently reach 5-million homes and businesses due to significant investment in network projects, plus, there’s more construction underway. CityFibre is future proofing the nation to ensure slow business broadband becomes a thing of the past.

Learn more about the CityFibre network below, or how much slow broadband is costing your business or find out with our handy infographic.

Download infographic

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    Gigabit speeds from just £189 /month
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    Contract terms from 12 months
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    Unrivalled reliability
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    Enables you to embrace cloud applications
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    7 hours fix SLA

    CityFibre Network

    Find out whether CityFibre is available in your area by clicking on a region or postcode to explore further. Alternatively, use the navigation or search function.

    • CityFibre metro network

    FAQs about CityFibre

    Is CityFibre available in my area?

    If your location is listed above, we recommend you get in touch so we can check if CityFibre is available at your premises, and bear in mind that your premises will need to be within 100m of a CityFibre duct to qualify for the service.

    What is CityFibre support and fix SLA like?

    We will monitor your CityFibre service and immediately alert you if there is a problem. Our circuits are backed with an impressive fix SLA.

    What is GPON?

    Gigabit Passive Optical Network is a telecommunications technology used to provide fibre to the end consumer through domestic and commercial settings. It implements a point-to-multipoint architecture; unpowered fibre optic splitters are used to enable a single optical fibre to serve multiple endpoints. GPON is considered a cost-effective method of providing fibre direct to an individual property.

    What is very low latency?

    Latency (internet speak for a delay) is very important. High latency will make you feel like you have slow internet speeds, so delivering high speed with low latency is crucial to ensure that you get the best results. A variable latency will also cause problems especially for real-time services, such as video or voice, so a consistent latency is essential for providing the best experience.

    Are there any CityFibre installation charges?

    CityFibre do not charge for connection to their network

    How long does CityFibre installation take to install?

    Installation time typically takes 60 working days. Where the installation is complex and requires ducts to be repaired or installed, road closures and other variables can cause the installation to take longer.

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