Cloud Backup

Cloud Back Up

Cloud Backup from £8 per month

Low cost and no contract

Safely store your company data off site with our low cost backup service. It is so important to backup your data so it can be easily restored should an unfortunate event occur, such as; hardware failure, ransomware or accidental file deletion. Ensure business continuity by keeping every bit of your data protected no matter how much data you generate or what technologies you use – including mobile devices, PCs and Macs, physical, virtual and cloud servers.

Using the award winning Acronis backup service, you get state-of-the-art technology to give you the best efficiency, security and reliability. All software is included.

If you need help in setting up Cloud Backup, simply purchase our Prepay Remote IT support service and we will do it all for you. Easy.

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    30 day rolling contract
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    Assistance with DR planning
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    Amazing value
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    Includes all software
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    Combine with prepay support

    FAQs about Cloud Backup

    Why Cloud backup over a conventional on-site backup?

    A cloud backup safely stores your data away from your premises, which will offer your business continuity in the circumstance your premises are not accessible.

    What is the right plan for me?

    This will very much depend on what you wish to backup, and your required retention period. We recommend you seek guidance from your IT supplier. If you need help in setting up Cloud Backup, simply purchase our Block Hours support service and we will advise.

    What Internet bandwidth do I need?

    Again, this will depend on amount of data, but we recommend a minimum of “Superfast” broadband. Each 10Mbps of upstream bandwidth will upload 1.25Megabytes per second of data, which is 2.8Gigabytes per hour.

    Will a Cloud Backup grind my network to a halt?

    We would recommend the backup routine starts after your normal working hours, so it should have minimal effect on your network. However, if your backup is so large it is still running in the morning, this is the time to consider upgrading your Internet access, or archiving/ purging your data.

    I have 1Tb of storage on OneDrive, why do I need additional Backup?

    OneDrive is only designed to back up documents for a single user. Further, our Cloud Backup service comes with dedicated software which manages the backup process.

    Our Cloud Backup subscription plans

    Cloud BackupPrice
    Up to 100Gb£8.00
    Up to 250Gb£21.00
    Up to 500Gb£36.00
    Up to 1Tb£70.00
    Up to 2Tb£138.00
    Up to 5Tb£340.00
    Overuse per Gb£0.10

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