Cloud Phone System Instant Quote Tool

Use our new Cloud Phone System Instant Quote Tool. Transparent pricing WITHOUT giving up any contact details.  We offer a no obligation validation service where one of our friendly Cloud Phone experts will talk through your options and discuss your specific needs and circumstances.

May be spread over 12 months subject to credit approval.
This subscription is ideal for people who don’t need our Unlimited Calls bundle. You get all the tools needed to process calls and deliver an amazing experience for your callers, for an astonishing low price.
In addition to our Unlimited Calls bundle, Premium users also get call forwarding options as well as voicemail and an enhanced softphone that has collaboration features to enable your team to use instant messaging, screen sharing, file collaboration, video calling and whiteboarding.
How many subscriptions users need to record their calls? All calls are stored securely in the cloud for 180 days and can be downloaded at any time. Suitable for PCI DSS and MIFID II.
Note: 7-year storage option available on request.
Select if you have existing telephone numbers you would like transferred into your Cloud Phone system.
Note: there are no ongoing monthly costs for lines or standard numbers.
Feature rich VoIP handsets.
Poly VVX450 (our favourite handset) or Yealink T46U
IP-DECT phone with amazing range
Yealink W53P
Great value feature-rich VoIP handset.
Poly VVX250 or Yealink T43U
Entry-level VoIP handset, amazing value.
Poly VVX150
Use Microsoft Teams as your Cloud Phone extension. Requires Microsoft Business Voice subscription (without call bundle). easyNetworks can provide these Microsoft subscriptions seperately.
Note: These Users also need SIP channels, see below.
Specify how many SIP channels you require for your Microsoft Teams users. A channel is a line and they can be shared amongst Teams users. We advise a minimum of 1 channel for every 4 Teams users. Each channels comes with unlimited calls to UK fixed and mobile numbers.
Total Standard, Premium & Microsoft Teams users.
Select if you would like one of our experts to install Cloud Phone system for you at your premises. Training included.
We have made the following assumptions when calculating this quote:

  • Suitable network cabling is available if you have selected VoIP desk phones.
  • Spare switch ports with PoE (Power over Ethernet) if you have selected VoIP desk phones.
  • Spare broadband download and upload bandwidth of at least 128Kbps for each concurrent call.

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    Use the sliders to select number of people who require a telephone extension in your workplace. Our subscriptions are costed on a "per-person" basis and come with Cisco Webex softphone to make and receive calls from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

    Tip: only enter what you need now, you can always add more later.
    Note: 100+ users available on request.

    What’s included in our Cloud Phone System?

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      Free calls to UK fixed and mobile
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      Flexible 30 day contract
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      Free Cisco Webex soft phones
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      Free UK support included
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      Auto attendant and voicemail to email

    FAQs about the Cloud Phone quote tool

    Shall I click ``Email my quote``?

    You are in for a real treat if you do.  You will receive an indacative quote together with lots of explanatory information about your Cloud Phone and your options.  We try and keep explanations clear and pricing honest.

    Can I keep my existing numbers?

    Yes. Tick the box next to Keep existing numbers.  We can transfer any numbers you have into your Cloud Phone system.  This includes analogues PSTN lines, multi-line and ISDN.

    How does Microsoft Teams work with Cloud Phone?

    Our Cloud Phone system provides the SIP channel for Microsoft Teams.  This means you can have a blend of Cloud Phone users on physical handsets and softphones as well as Microsoft Teams users.  You will all share the same extension range eg 2001-2099.  If you have a Receptionist using a physical phone setup as extension 2001 and a Teams user setup as extension 2002, each can call the other using the extension number.

    As you can see, Microsoft Teams is fully integrated into Cloud Phone.

    Why purchase Cloud Phone SIP channel for Teams instead of Microsoft Business Voice with call bundle?

    With Microsoft Business Voice including call bundle, you will receive a telephone number to make and receive calls.  The bundle will give you an allowance of free calls to UK fixed and mobile numbers.  However, you will not be part of the Cloud Phone system, which means you will not get an extension number, you will not be included in reporting or recording or any hunt groups.

    Purchasing your Teams SIP channel through Cloud Phone means you get the features of an enterprise telephone system and the ability to pool your SIP channels amongst Teams users.  Our quote is based on providing 1 line for every 4 Teams users, but our Cloud Phone expert can validate the channel ratio during your consultation.

    Can I keep my existing phones?

    Generally, we can configure most Poly (formally Polycom) and Yealink VoIP phones if they are compatabile with our Cloud Phone system.

    We are sorry but other telephone handsets are not compatabile.

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