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Cloud Phone System
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Cloud-based Phone System from only £8 per month

Our Cloud Phone system UK packages offer astonishing value regardless of your business or size. Cloud Phone comes with a host of features, customised to your exact specifications so it works beautifully and will serve your business for many years without ever needing an upgrade – future-proofing your business!

Cloud-based Phone System from
only £8 per month

Cloud-based Phone System from
only £8 per month

  • Flexible 30 day contract
    • Cisco Webex smartphone app
      • UK helpdesk support
        • Auto attended included

          Enterprise-grade and scalable Cloud Phone System

          The modern workplace has changed; a traditional on-premises telephone system uk (also called a Private Branch Exchange or PBX) is often too restrictive for modern businesses. Our Cloud Phone system has it all from excellent flexible working, call recording, reporting, VoIP physical telephones or softphones, call centre, to CRM integrations, and so much more. Contact us today to discover how you can transform your telecoms with cloud telephony in the UK from just £8 per user, per month.

          • Free Outgoing Calls
          • Call Recording & Analysis
          • Integration with CRM
          • Minimum five users
          • Flexible to scale up
            • Call Centre
            • Click to call
            • VOIP physical telephones
            • Call forwarding
            • Easy configurable from web page
            • Our national helpdesk will also support you, meaning our technical experts are on hand to help and are happy to make changes for you. If you’re looking for a Cloud based telephone system in the UK, look no further than easyNetworks.


              Cloud Phone System Subscriptions

              Our Cloud based Phone system is available on a flexible, 30-day rolling contract, meaning you’re able to increase and decrease users, switch users between Standard, Premium and Microsoft Teams user subscriptions at any time.

              Stay connected on your favourite devices

              Our Softphones

              Cisco Webex Softphone

              Each Standard and Premium subscription comes with a free Cisco Webex softphone app. This can be used on a desktop, laptop (Windows or Mac), smartphone and most tablets. This feature-rich softphone is easy to use and can replace the need for a handset.

              Microsoft Teams Softphone

              Included with most Microsoft 365 subscription plans

              Use Microsoft Teams as your Cloud Phones extension. The collaboration power of Microsoft Teams – combined with the telephone capability of Cloud Phones – enables you to have a single app for all internal and external communications. If you already use Teams, there is no need for additional training.

              Simply unbox, plug in and make a call

              Our Handset Range

              We understand there is still a place for physical desk phones in the office. The phones below represent the best handsets we have tested and come preconfigured for cloud based telephone. Simply unbox, plug into your network and make a call – all our handsets are PoE compatible.


              Get An Instant No Obligation Quote Today

              Simply put, it’s a telephone systems uk (or PBX) hosted in the cloud. Calls flow through the internet and you manage your system via a web browser. No more expensive on-site PBX equipment or visits from telecoms engineers.


              Cloud Phone System – How it Works & What Is Included?

              If you want to know more about the cloud phone system. Following is the information about how it works, what is included in the package and what are system’s requirements. Introduction & help videos can help you to understand about the functioning & the benefits of the cloud phone system.

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