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Cloud-based Phone System from only £6 per month

Our Cloud Phone system UK packages offer astonishing value regardless of your business or size. Cloud Phone comes with a host of features, customised to your exact specifications so it works beautifully and will serve your business for many years without ever needing an upgrade – future-proofing your business!

Cloud-based Phone System from
only £6 per month

Cloud-based Phone System from
only £6 per month

Flexible 30 day contract

Cisco Webex smartphone app

UK helpdesk support

Auto attendant included

Cloud Phone Introduction

Enterprise-grade and scalable Cloud Phone system

The modern workplace has changed; a traditional on-premises telephone system (also called a Private Branch Exchange or PBX) is often too restrictive for modern businesses. Our Cloud Phone system has it all from excellent flexible working, call recording, reporting, VoIP physical telephones or softphones, call centre, to CRM integrations, and so much more.

We can offer a Cloud Phone system package to small businesses with as little as five users, and it has the flexibility to scale up quickly, so you can easily grow to thousands of users – To support growing and larger enterprises. Read More

Our cloud-based phone system is configured from a web page, so you have complete control of your system. Our national helpdesk will also support you, meaning our technical experts are on hand to help and are happy to make changes for you. If you’re looking for a Cloud-Based phone system in the UK, look no further than easyNetworks.

Contact us today to discover how you can transform your telecoms with cloud telephony in the UK from just £6 per user, per month.

Cloud Phone system with no ties

Cloud Phone System Subscriptions

Our Cloud-based Phone system is available on a flexible, 30-day rolling contract, meaning you’re able to increase and decrease users, switch users between Standard, Premium and Microsoft Teams user subscriptions at any time without penalty.

Stay connected on your favourite devices

Our Softphones

Cisco Webex Softphone


Each Standard and Premium subscription comes with a free Cisco Webex softphone app. This can be used on a desktop, laptop (Windows or Mac), smartphone and most tablets. This feature-rich softphone is easy to use and can replace the need for a handset.

Microsoft Teams Softphone

Included with most Microsoft 365 subscription plans

Use Microsoft Teams as your Cloud Phone extension. The collaboration power of Microsoft Teams – combined with the telephone capability of Cloud Phone – enables you to have a single app for all internal and external communications. If you already use Teams, there is no need for additional training.

Simply unbox, plug in and make a call

Our Handset Range

We understand there is still a place for physical desk phones in the office. The phones below represent the best handsets we have tested and come preconfigured for Cloud Phone. Simply unbox, plug into your network and make a call – all our handsets are PoE compatible.


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We have made the following assumptions when calculating this quote:
Suitable network cabling is available if you have selected VoIP desk phones.
Spare switch ports with PoE (Power over Ethernet) if you have selected VoIP desk phones.
Spare broadband download and upload bandwidth of at least 128Kbps for each concurrent call.
Once you've finished building your quote, fill out the form below and one of our friendly experts will talk through your specific needs and options.

Cloud Phone system explained

Simply put, it’s a telephone system (or PBX) hosted in the cloud. Calls flow through the internet and you manage your system via a web browser. No more expensive on-site PBX equipment or visits from telecoms engineers.

This diagram shows how Cloud Phone from easyNetworks supports hybrid working and multiple locations with ease. The main cloud telephone system allocates an extension to each staff member regardless of their location and allows them to make and receive calls on any device. The distributed structure enhances business continuity and the flexibility of Cloud Phone empowers remote workers.

diagram to show typical cloud phone deployment

What’s included?

Our cloud based telephone system comes with many features as standard, such as a professional auto attendant to direct your calls to the right department and the ability to make your staff reachable wherever they are, perfect for remote/hybrid working. Find out more about what’s included below:

Free calls

If you purchase the premium subscription, you will receive free calls to UK fixed lines and UK mobiles are included in the premium user subscription for your cloud-based telephone system.


While they’re not unlimited, we allow 5000 minutes for each subscription per month, so it is relatively close to unlimited. We also have outbound call centres that do not exceed their allowance.

Free Cisco Webex softphone

Every Cloud Phone subscription comes with a free Cisco Webex softphone app. This can be used on a desktop, laptop (Windows or Mac), smartphone and most tablets.


This feature-rich softphone is easy to use and can replace the need for a handset. This softphone is not available for Microsoft Teams users.


All hunt groups and Premium users can have voicemail with the option to send the recorded messages as an attachment to nominated email addresses.


An auto-attendant can be used to answer your incoming calls with an automated message, then route the caller to a user or hunt group depending on the option they select, e.g. “press one for sales”.

Reporting dashboard

View reports on individual users, hunt groups, auto attendants or specific numbers for insights on call volumes and activity. Especially useful to identify busy periods for resource planning.


You’ll be able to see a dashboard of recent activity when you log in to your Cloud Phone system administration portal. View summary reports or drill into the detail to analyse individual or overall performance. Use the information to make informed decisions.

Hunt groups

A hunt group will route your incoming calls to a specific group of users, known as a hunt group. Each group can be set up in different ways, for example: ring all users at once, ring one user then another until answered, or ring the users in the group who have been idle the longest.

Easy to use web portal

You don’t need to be an IT wizard to manage your Cloud Phone system. Admin changes are made instantly through a web browser. We have user guides on our website if you want to do it yourself, or we can do it all for you at no extra charge.

Resilient platform

Our cloud telephone system is powered by Broadsoft, a Cisco company and market leader of VoIP and UCAAS (Unified Communications as a Service) platforms. Our resilient architecture resides within the secure British Telecom network.

Direct Dial numbers included

We include a direct dial number for every user subscription. You can also have a direct dial number for hunt groups and some spare for business expansion. Additional numbers can be purchased for a one-off cost of £1 per number.

Call barring

With Cloud Phone, you can prohibit all users, or individual users, from making expensive calls to premium or International destinations. Many call barring options are available which can be customised to your requirements.

Fully Supported

Cloud Phone is fully supported by our UK based helpdesk team. Our friendly technical experts will help you get the best out of your system, all included within the price.

Call handling

Cloud Phone has all the features you would expect from a telephone system to put calls on hold and transfer between extensions. It also has the ability to transfer a call to an external number.

Cloud Phone options

Our cloud based telephone system comes with many features as standard, such as a professional auto attendant to direct your calls to the right department, free calls to UK fixed and mobile numbers with our Premium subscription and the ability to make your staff reachable wherever they are, perfect for remote/hybrid working. Here are a few extras you may like to enhance your Cloud Phone system even further:

Bespoke audio messages

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression – so make the most of it! Did you know that 34% of customers whose calls were not answered will never ring back? That’s a lot of potential customers that your business is losing.


At easyNetworks, we produce bespoke, customised on-hold messages at a great price. You don’t need a subscription with us, simply buy our professional telephone messages as you need them, and we transfer the ownership of the messages to you, so they’re yours to keep, forever. See our dedicated Audio Messaging page.

Call centre

Our iCall software will add full call centre functionality to your Cloud Phone system. With iCall your users become call centre agents, and supervisors get visibility on queues and call flows.


iCall allows you to flag missed calls to be returned, identify incoming calls meeting specific criteria for training and, monitor your service level performance (known as Grade of Service). Features include wall boards to display real-time or historic activity, access to reports in real-time or scheduled for regular circulation, and much more – ask for details.

Call recording

We can enable recording just for selected users or for all if required, just £4 per user per month. Inbound and outbound calls are stored securely in the cloud for 180 days and can be downloaded at any time.


Our security meets PCI DSS compliance. A 7-year storage option is available on request and the system is ideal for organisations that need to comply with MIFID II.

CRM integration

Compatible with most popular CRM platforms, our Go-Integrator application creates a virtual link between your phone and computer, which is often referred to as CTI (Computer Telephony Integration).


It can enable features like ‘click-to-dial’ from within your CRM software – and/or ‘screen pop’ customer details of an incoming call before you answer.

In-queue messaging

With our call centre bolt-on, some additional functions are provided which will enhance your caller’s experience. Queue up to 50 calls and play custom announcements. Announce queue position or estimated wait times. Queue full message options.


If you’re using a softphone on a PC or laptop, then you will most likely need a headset if you wish to keep your conversation private. We offer a range of headsets for use with the softphone on your computer and/or your physical handsets.

System requirements


High quality Internet access to paramount for any Cloud Phone or any VoIP based telephone system, as you need the Internet to make and receive calls. Our experts can determine if your broadband is suitable for your Cloud Phone system. We will perform some technical checks to measure your download and upload bandwidth, latency and jitter.


We provide an extensive range of broadband and other Internet access services, so you may feel happier to get easyNetworks to supply the whole solution, so you have just one number to call for support. See our dedicated Internet page.

Data cabling

If you choose to have physical handsets, our VoIP handset range have two Ethernet ports, which means your computer and phone can share one data port and use the resource of one switch port.


This can result in you needing less data ports that a conventional telephone system. If you need additional data ports, or you are occupying new premises, we have a specialist data cabling division who can help. See our dedicated Data cabling page.


The switch is the beating heart of your network. When adopting any VoIP telephone handset, your switches will need to provide power using PoE (Power over Ethernet) and be capable of prioritising the voice packets to maintain best call quality.


If you intend to use our soft phone apps from your Wi-Fi laptop or smart phone for your Cloud phone system extension, it is important to ensure your Wi-Fi network is suitable. We can assess the suitability of your Wi-Fi network with our optional audit service. See our dedicated WiFi page.

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