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Let our expert team of engineers install and manage your data cabling network for a perfect, professionally installed system that is standard-compliant and checked with the latest Fluke testing equipment. Due to our immense experience, we’re the leading choice and specialists in Cat.6 copper and fibre optic data cable installations.

Data Cabling for Business

Data Cabling for Business

 25-year Manufacturer Warranty

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Data cabling for business

If your data cabling network is professionally installed, standard compliant and tested correctly it will be reliable and work beautifully for your business for many years. It will probably long outlive any device you connect to it.

When considering your network data cabling installation, it’s vital you choose a qualified installer like easyNetworks.  We understand the standards and use the latest data cabling Fluke testing equipment. We also invest in extensive and continuous staff training.

Choosing easyNetworks for your structured cabling installation gives you access to our team of dedicated, specialist data cabling engineers. Our specialist team of engineers have installed thousands of miles of data cabling for education, healthcare, construction, and businesses throughout a wide range of environments.

Our engineers receive ongoing training in all aspects of product development, and Health and Safety. Our specialist teams can design your data network, and install a wide range of data cable types, from all the leading vendors, so your network continues to work exactly as it should do for your business.

We directly employ and DBS check our engineers. All our supervising Project Engineers are Health and Safety trained to SSSTS (CITB Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme) standard.  We also hold many Health and Safety accreditations including amongst others iPAF, PASMA and UKATA.  We are proud to be CHAS and ISO9001 accredited in recognition of our diligent approach to quality and health and safety.

We have invested in the latest Fluke test equipment, and we can successfully test Category 6A data cable in just eight seconds, significantly reducing testing time and labour costs and ultimately, our price to you.

Structured cabling backed by a manufacturer warranty

Our data cabling installations are backed by a 25-year manufacturer warranty and are tested to the latest standards. With prices from just £50 per port, free estimates, and a technical expert on hand to discuss all your structured cabling requirements including network design, cabling standard, containment, cabinets, power, and cooling. easyNetworks is a leading provider of data cabling for education, healthcare businesses and construction projects.

As we’re experts in IT and Networking services and have a long-proven track record – we are the preferred specialist contractor for data cabling installation services for many NHS Trusts and local authorities, usually named on larger project tenders, and with good reason as they have experienced the quality of our installations, and value the 25-year warranty to provide peace of mind.

Along with copper cable data networks, we are also specialists in fibre optic data cable installations. This means we are able to design, commission and hand over an optimum, resilient, and fully functional fibre optic data network or links, for your business, school, hospital, or construction project.

We are dedicated to persistent innovation, and as part of the easy family of brands, it’s in our DNA to give you excellent value, as well as open and reliable communication surrounding our products and pricing.

Contact us today to discuss how a well-installed data cable network for business from easyNetworks from just £50 per port can help to transform your business activity. For further information, please view our downloads tabs for structured cabling infrastructure brochures.

FAQs about data cabling for business

What is data cabling?

Data cabling is a method of connecting multiple devices within an IT network. These devices can range from computers, CCTV cameras and servers to Wi-Fi access points. The infrastructure utilises two data cable types of copper, and fibre with a number of different grades that can provide different results.

What comms cabinet do I need?

Our technical experts in data cabling for business will discuss your requirements and consider the servers and equipment and your available space so we can evaluate what you need now and in the future. They will also assess your environment to ensure security, power, and cooling is appropriate and consider any impact of noise pollution which can come from the cabinet.

Can I install structured cabling myself?

We see no harm in you installing long patch leads, however, we recommend that you avoid installing structured cabling. You will not have the appropriate tools, training, or testers. A trained professional will be able to install it quickly and safely, leaving you free to do your day-to-day tasks with a data cabled network that is much less likely to encounter problems or worse, failures.

Should I let my electrician install data cabling for my business?

Consider whether your electrician has invested in training and testers and can provide you with a 25-year system warranty, along with certified results of the data cabling installation. If that’s not the case, then no, don’t let them install your data network cabling – get in touch; easynetworks are here to help.

What cabling standard do I need?

Most of our office installations are based on Cat.6. We use Cat.6a for data centres or feeding Wireless Access Points (WAPs) where they demand higher power.

Do I need optical fibre between comms cabinets?

This will depend on the distance between your cabinets and the speeds at which you wish to operate. If Gigabit links are okay and your cabinets are within 90m, then we feel Cat.5e or Cat.6 is sufficient.

Do I need optical fibre between buildings?

We generally recommend optical fibre for this application. Optical fibre is electrically isolated and ideally suited for running overhead or underground while avoiding lightning-related issues. Additionally, optical fibre can maintain higher speeds over further distances. Additionally, optical fibre can maintain higher speeds over further distances.

Which cabling vendor should I choose?

All our products come with 25-year warranty which each manufacturer backs, so you can be sure we only supply quality products designed to last.

Excel is our most economical option; quality is good and their range is extensive making it suitable for most environments and applications. Excel is now the most widely installed system in the UK.

Hellerman-Tyton is a favourite in the public sector, well known for its robustness and resilience. Particularly popular in Education and Health where the sockets need to be extra tough. Brand-Rex also falls within this category.

Commscope is considered the best. They have extensive reach across the globe and are often the vendor of choice for blue chips and global organisations. Also, a favourite for data centres where the best is vital.

Commscope is well known for its investment in R&D, which has led them to have the smallest diameter Cat.6A cable, which reduces containment sizing and weight for floor loads.

How many data ports should I have installed?

When “flood wiring” a building, 2 ports are generally installed per desk, whilst ensuring there are plenty of spares for other network devices, such as printers, franking machines, Internet radio player, etc.

However, with VoIP based telephone systems, only a single port is required per desk to connect both the PC and telephone. This can represent a significant saving in the cost of your data cabling, which would justify the upgrade to a VoIP telephone system.

Also consider installing data cables for CCTV cameras, wireless access points, access control systems, displays & projectors, cashless catering etc.

Which cabling should I choose?

Looking for data cabling for business? There is a range of data cable types that can provide varying speeds across a number of distances. Compare the cable types and find the difference between OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 and OM5 fibre optic cabling and how they can benefit your business as well as much more. Find out key information about structured cabling variants, along with our expert view in the table below.

Found something that meets your requirements? Contact us today to discuss further with our expert team.

Cable TypeOur Expert ViewData Speed / Distance
Cat.5 (copper twisted pair)Not available100Mbps / 100m
Cat.5e (copper twisted pair)Slightly cheaper than Cat.61Gbps / 100m
Cat.6 (copper twisted pair)Most popular for internal building wiring1Gbps / 100m
Cat.6a (copper twisted pair)For data centres or where equipment demands high current PoE10Gbps / 100m
Cat.7 (copper twisted pair)There is no equipment available with connectors supporting this standard (Not Recommended)10Gps / 100m
Cat.7a (copper twisted pair)There is no equipment available with connectors supporting this standard (Not Recommended)10Gps / 100m
Cat.8.1 (copper twisted pair)Standard not ratified by ISO and will only be intended for data centres10Gbps / 100m
Cat.8.2 (copper twisted pair)As Cat.8.1 but connector interface not backward compatible with RJ4510Gbps / 100m
25/40Gbps / 30m
OM1 (fibre optic)Be careful, different size fibre to OM2,OM3,OM4,OM51Gbps / 275m
10Gbps / 32m
OM2 (fibre optic)Use OM41Gbps / 550m
10Gbps / 82m
OM3 (fibre optic)Use OM41Gbps / 550m
10Gbps / 300m
40Gbps / 100m
100Gbps / 100m
OM4 (fibre optic)Use between buildings or where distance between cabinets is >90m or 10Gbps links required1Gbps / 1100m
10Gbps / 550m
40Gbps / 150m
100Gbps / 150m
OM5 (fibre optic)Standard not ratified by ISO. Wideband version of OM4 supporting higher speeds. Primary use: Data Centre.As OM4 but with -
400Gbps / 150m
OS1 (fibre optic)Use OS21Gbps / 2km
10Gbps / 2km
100Gbps / 40km
OS2 (fibre optic)Extended distance between buildings1Gbps / 40km
10Gbps / 10km
100Gbps / 5km

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