Elastic Data

Elastic Data

SIM only Elastic Data

Unlimited calls/texts & data that stretches so you only pay for what you use.

What do we mean by “elastic”.? get our cheapest tariff at the start of every month which rises as you use more data – the tariff “snaps” back to the cheapest at the start of the next month, so you only pay for what you use. Available on the O2 network, this could mean the end of running out of data, and incurring costly over usage charges. 

Flexibly tailored to your individual business needs on a month-by-month basis.

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    Resets to lowest data tariff each month
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    Slash your mobiles costs
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    Only pay for what you use
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    Grow or shrink without penalty

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    Technical experts, not sales people

    FAQs about Elastic Data

    Which network is best in my area?

    You will need to satisfy yourself that your chosen network has suitable coverage in the areas you need. Ofcom have a useful tool which can help ofcom coverage checker. Remember, with Flexible Mobiles, you can mix/match networks to give you the best coverage.

    Which handsets are best for my business?

    GSMArena is the best website for reviews and guidance. But first you must decide iOS or Android, or a mixture of both. It usually boils down to personal preference. Our handset nerds will be happy to help you choose.

    Should I allow my expired contract to roll on?

    Definitely not.  Traditional contracts are a combination of airtime plus hardware spread over the contract term.  If you allow the contract to continue, you are still paying for a handset you have already funded.

    How can I reduce my mobile costs?

    Talk to our expert team who will scrutinise your usage and work on your behalf to get the best deal.

    What calls are included in my bundle?

    Calls to UK fixed and mobile numbers will be included if you have selected a bundle.

    Can I use my allowance in the EU?

    Yes – your UK allowance also applies in the EU.

    My contract end dates do not align - can I still upgrade?

    Yes absolutely.  We will prepare a transition plan for your upgrade, transferring each connection as they mature.  With our Flexible approach, your contract end dates will never misalign again.

    What are the GDPR risks with my business mobiles?

    If an employee loses a handset which contains personal data and you are unable to remotely disable the device, you will most likely need to contact the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) to report a breach. 

    Using our Mobile Device Management (MDM) service will provide you with tools to eliminate risk.

    Unlimited UK calls/texts, 12 month agreement

    Per user per month
    500Mb £8.00
    1Gb £8.73
    2Gb £10.18
    3Gb £11.64
    4Gb £13.09
    5Gb £14.55
    6Gb £16.00
    8Gb £18.18
    10Gb £20.36
    12Gb £22.54
    14Gb £24.73
    16Gb £26.91
    18Gb £29.09
    20Gb £31.27
    25Gb £34.18
    30Gb £37.09
    35Gb £40.00
    40Gb £42.91
    50Gb £45.82
    60Gb £50.91
    70Gb £56.00
    80Gb £61.09
    90Gb £66.18
    100Gb £71.27

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