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Fixed Lines – save 54% over BT

Still using traditional BT Fixed lines and ISDN and worried about the BT Switch off? At easyNetworks, we can provide you with a fixed telephone line package which is simple to understand, competitive on price and won’t lock you into a long contract. This makes us the perfect partner to provide legacy telecommunication services until you’re ready to migrate to a more modern VoIP system or cloud phone system.

Find out how to transfer your telephone line to easyNetworks – We are an experienced BT OpenReach partner – providing the same services as BT, at a fraction of the price. Transfer phone lines quickly, efficiently and without any downtime.

Transfer Your Business Phone Line To A Flexible 30-Day Rolling Contract

Transfer your BT phone line to us, without committing to lengthy, binding contracts. We’re able to offer amazing prices on business fixed lines and ISDN circuits, starting with a short 90-day initial term. There’s no need to worry about anything – we’ve got it all covered.

Not only can we provide great prices that allow you to save 54% over BT, you won’t pay a thing to transfer your fixed phone lines to us.

Whether you’re looking to save money on your fixed telephone lines or even move to a cloud telephone system and never pay line rental again, you can keep all your existing phone numbers.

If you’re looking to change numbers, we can provide you with an area code from anywhere in the UK or a full range of Non-Geographic Numbers (NGN’s) such as 0800’s. In every case, we will redirect your old numbers to ensure you don’t lose a single call.

To learn more about the full benefits of Cloud Phone from easyNetworks, download our guide here.

You will have direct access to our telecommunications in-house help desk, they are on hand to make sure that any problems are fixed quickly and efficiently. Since we’re technical experts and not salespeople; you’re in safe hands and can always expect the best advice. This is why our customers stay with us – because they want to, not because they are tied into any lengthy contracts.

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    Flexible 30 day contract
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    Keep your existing numbers
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    Exactly the same services as from BT
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    Experienced BT Openreach partner
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    Price match guarantee

    Fixed Phone Line FAQs

    Is it cheaper to transfer my phone line direct with BT?

    No. We’re able to offer better prices for fixed phone lines. BT Openreach operate the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). BT Local Business, BT Corporate or BT Retail are resellers of BT Openreach products. easyNetworks are also resellers, just like Virgin Media or Sky.

    Why choose easyNetworks over BT or other telecoms providers?

    That’s easy. At easyNetworks we offer cheaper business fixed lines, and we don’t tie you into long contracts or sneaky automatic renewals. You get direct access to our technical experts without having to answer swathes of questions – speaking to the same person until your fault is resolved. Transfer your business fixed phone line to us and get an honest service at a great price, backed by strong technical support. We make it easy to complete your BT line transfer.

    Can I transfer my business phone line and keep my number?

    You can transfer phone lines and keep your existing number at absolutely no charge with easyNetworks.

    Are there any costs in transferring my fixed phone line?

    There are no hidden costs involved in the transferring your business phone line – we don’t feel you should be charged for this! So Transfer phone lines and ISDN circuits to us today

    Will I experience any outages if I transfer my business fixed line?

    Changing telecoms supplier is just like changing your electricity supplier. BT Openreach continue to provide the service, but we provide you with billing and support. Our direct access telecom help desk is waiting to fix any problems with your service – remember, we’re technical experts, not salespeople, so you can expect shorter waiting times because you’re our priority.

    Who supports my telephone lines?

    BT Openreach always support your telephone lines, but our telecom help desk will diagnose your fault and escalate to BT Openreach is needed. We’ll continue to closely monitor the fault until it has been resolved.

    Are BT switching off the telephone network?

    BT are making their switch off in 2025, meaning there is no need to make a decision quickly. Our best advice is to call one of the experts on our Telecom help desk, who are on hand to discuss your situation and plan the transfer of your phone lines.

    What should I do if I don’t know how to transfer the phone line?

    Simply give us a call or arrange to talk to one of easyNetworks’ technical experts who will be on hand to discuss your situation and arrange for your business phone lines to be transferred today.

    Compare Our Fixed Phone Line Tariffs With BT Business and Transfer business phone lines today

    Business Tariff
    Corporate Tariff
    BT Business Correct on 1/2/2018
    Minimum Monthly SpendNone£500None
    Minimum term3 months3 months1 to 5 years
    Charge for Non Direct Debit£8
    Analogue Line Rental£13£12£17.60
    ISDN Channel Rental£12.50£12.50£25.20
    Calls to 01,02 & 03 numbers1p per minute1p per minute26p per minute
    Calls to UK mobiles5p3p26p
    Minimum call charge1p1p26p

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