Going hybrid – how we build a model that works for you

Going hybrid how easyNetworks build a model that works for you

What is hybrid working… and why go hybrid now?

Hybrid working is an operational structure comprised of three work environments: home, the office and on the move… the best of all worlds! Remote working can benefit productivity by removing the distractions of the office, increase employee wellbeing and offer a better work-life balance by enabling flexibility and taking away the commute.

Most office workers will be familiar with the concepts of flexitime, career breaks, and family-friendly hours. This is because our idea of the working week has drastically changed over the last decade. It now accommodates a more modern structure – one that allows for more flexibility and better balance.

The pandemic has exposed everyone to working from home in some capacity, and many of those employees are now opting for a less frequent commute…or even none at all. Almost 80% of UK workers see the hybrid model – a mix of working at the office, at home, and on the go – as the way forward.

More recently, hybrid working has become a buzzword, with many businesses adopting a hybrid model and marketing it as a benefit for jobseekers looking to work remotely and increase the amount of time spent outside the office. A recent study has shown that 70% of employees want flexible work options while 65% would like to work from home but have more in-person meetings.

Is hybrid working right for me?

Remote working is an option, but not the only option. The beauty of hybrid working is that one set of solutions does not need to fit everyone anymore, and at easyNetworks we take your specific needs into account when building a bespoke model.

Offices will always be a key part of the workplace and adopting hybrid working should not be taken lightly. There are many things to consider to ensure that the move is practical and successful for your business and staff. In a recent article, we looked at How to make Hybrid working a success for your business and suggested things you and your employees can do to make hybrid working work for your business.

How can easyNetworks build a unique hybrid working model for your business?

To facilitate the change, you must first consider what aspects of work are necessary for your staff to complete your day-to-day job efficiently, for example, a distributed call centre, group video meetings or remote collaboration on documents.  Our technical experts will then suggest which collaboration, communication and productivity tools will form a part of your hybrid working model, without compromising on security. We understand that everyone has different business needs, which is why we offer a bespoke service.

Products and services like Cloud Phone, Microsoft 365, Cloud Backup, Windows Virtual Desktop, Prepay IT Support, Leased Lines and Audio Messages can all be used as a part of your unique package – and easyNetworks will make the transition to remote working straightforward, without tying you down to long contracts.

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