We have over 20 years of experience working in the Healthcare industry and are the trusted provider to health organisations for high quality work and our respectful approach. We use the most robust materials to withstand the challenges of the healthcare environment.

Our specialist Healthcare Engineers are experienced in working safely in your live environments; working around staff, patients and visitors.

We are used to working in high security wards where extra diligence and safety measures are implemented. Our DBS checked Engineers respect your environment and understand how rapidly it can change – and be prepared to adapt to ensure hospital operations are not disrupted.

It begins with an expert consultation and recommendation. On project initiation, you will be assigned a specialist Project Manager from the Healthcare team, who will plan the implementation and ensure all project controls and safety systems are in place.

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    Free estimates
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    Long track record in acute & community care
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    Approved by NHS trusts
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    All engineers are DBS checked
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    Impeccable Health & Safety record

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    FAQs about Healthcare

    Our network ports are frequently broken, can you help?

    Yes of course – this is something we encounter often in the health sector and we are happy to attend your hospital to replace broken ports.

    We cannot close down a unit for network installations - how can you keep the work area safe?

    Our team of engineers are extensively trained and have many years experience working in live environments and can work around the staff and patients. Their work area will be clearly cornoned and debris tightly controlled.

    Our network is down can you carry out an emergency repair?

    Our support team are always available to provide a quick response in the event of major network outages to get you back up and running.

    Our comms room is a mess but we cannot afford ``down`` time - can you help?

    This is one of our specialisms – we can build a new cabinet and move services over one at a time which tightly controls and reduces any down time for individual services. This work can also be scheduled at a time when the individual services have least use.

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