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Telecoms, Data Cabling and Wi-Fi for Healthcare

At easyNetworks, we have over 20 years of experience providing telecoms, data cabling and Wi-Fi to healthcare facilities. Our dedicated team knows how to work in hospitals and can accommodate to sensitive environments. They understand what materials are best and which can withstand such punishments while correctly conducting themselves when in the presence of patients and clients, therefore keeping them safe and comfortable.

We are experts in installing phone systems and Hospital Wi-Fi across a vast range of National Health Service providers. We can install many more facilities than stated, so if you’re having difficulty finding an IT and Telecom provider, look no further. We can discuss your specific requirements and create a model that works for you, ensuring that staff, patients, and guests remain connected.

Plus, we understand how rapidly the environment can change; our engineers work discreetly and are calm, diligent and highly professional. You will have absolute confidence in them working around your clients and patients.

Healthcare phone systems and Wi-Fi

The expert engineers we employ have worked in high-security wards surrounded by vulnerable people; they know when to be extra diligent and implement safety measures. easyNetworks directly hire each engineer, to ensure that they’re DBS checked, and are trained to know how to adapt their workload priorities to ensure that hospital operations are not disrupted by the work.

We use the most robust materials to withstand the challenges of a healthcare environment to give your network the longevity required for such important work. The work can be undertaken safely within a live setting, surrounding staff, patients, and visitors.

When hospital Wi-Fi and hospital phone systems aren’t working – we’re on hand to replace broken parts and provide quick emergency responses in the event of major network outages. There’s a good reason that easyNetworks are approved by NHS Trusts and are the recommended provider for Wi-Fi for healthcare and additional network building and support.

When arranging a project, we start with an expert’s consultation on Wi-Fi for healthcare (and other network services), where we’ll offer recommendations and carry out a desktop and/or on-site survey that will allow us to provide the perfect network for you. Once the project is finalised, you will be assigned a specialist Project Manager from our healthcare team to ensure the correct safety procedures when planning and overseeing the project are in place. They will update the key contact throughout the installation, handing over a perfect solution that’s tested to the latest standards.

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    FAQs about Healthcare

    Our hospital Wi-Fi is frequently down. Can you help?

    Wi-Fi issues and broken network ports are something we regularly encounter within the health(care) sector. We are happy to attend your hospital to replace broken ports and fix issues, so your NHS Wi-Fi works perfectly for patients, staff, and guests.

    How do you keep the work area safe?

    Our engineers are extensively trained and have many years of experience working in live environments within the health(care) sector. Their work area will be clearly cordoned off, and debris and materials will be tightly controlled, as well as any loose tools, ensuring the safety of staff, patients and visitors.

    Our network is down; do you offer emergency repairs?

    Our support team are on hand to provide a quick response in the event of major network outages, ensuring your healthcare phone systems and hospital Wi-Fi return to standard service as soon as possible.

    Can you help to clean up our comms room?

    Cleaning up comms rooms is one of our specialisms. We can build you a new cabinet and provide move services over one by one at a time, which controls and reduces any downtime for individual services. This work can be scheduled when the individual service is used least.

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