How much is slow broadband costing your business? Gigabit Fibre is here

Full fibre is the new normal article from easyNetworks
The cost to UK businesses of slow broadband and intermittent internet connections is mind-blowing

How much is slow broadband costing your business? The solution is a Gigabit Fibre

How much is slow broadband costing your business?
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According to a One Poll survey, 72% of the UK’s workforce use the internet in their jobs, but one in every 13 employees lose their internet connection more than 10 times a week.

In fact one in five businesses suffer from an unreliable internet connection, leading to the average worker losing 38 hours of working time each year.

The 149 million hours of internet downtime suffered by UK businesses adds up to £494 in lost productivity per employee per year… and poor internet connections are costing the UK economy a total of £11bn per year!

Is outdated digital infrastructure holding your business back?

We’ve all felt that familiar frustration when the broadband connection grinds to a halt; the head-in-your-hands exasperation when the download estimate for a large file is minutes – even hours – instead of seconds.

You might think that these frustrations are simply part and parcel of modern business – but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Copper wires are history

Have you ever wondered why your internet connection drops with no warning? Chances are it’s because your ‘fibre’ connection actually uses old fashioned copper wires for part of the journey. These copper wires are unreliable and often responsible for your dropped connection. With full-fibre, however, data has multiple routes it can travel through – meaning it will always be able to reach you and keep you connected.

The solution is Full Fibre

Did you know all fibre is not created equal? With ‘fibre’, you may be surprised to learn that fibre cables are only used for part of the journey, to carry data to your local cabinet. ‘Full-fibre’ is completely different – it uses a fibre connection the entire length of the journey. With no copper to slow data down, these full-fibre networks can easily run at Gigabit speeds of up to 1000mbps and the CityFibre Gigabit Network is rolling out across the UK.

Is CityFibre available in your area? Click here for our interactive map

Full-fibre not only gives you speeds 100 times faster than the UK average, it will also have an immediate impact on your productivity – helping unlock new opportunities and future proofing your business.

easyNetworks offer CityFibre Full Fibre internet for £189 per month – click here for details

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