How telephone messages can benefit your business?

How Studio produced telephone messages can benefit your business?

What are Audio Messages from easyNetworks?

Audio Messages from easyNetworks is a low-cost studio production service that creates customised telephone messages for your business telephone system.

These messages can be used to greet your caller, guide them through the auto-attendant to direct them to the right department and keep them updated and entertained whilst they’re on hold, all with a consistent feel and theme, which reflects your brand.

How Audio Messages from easyNetworks can benefit your business?

Audio Messages is quickly becoming a standard service for small and medium businesses. It helps prime your callers, inform them about your organisation and keep them entertained before a member of your staff can answer the phone.

Enhance your callers experience by projecting a professional image and offering a fantastic calling experience when callers pick up the phone.  Welcome your callers with a friendly human voice and a fun song that will communicate your message in an engaging, informative, and entertaining way.

Make it easy for people to navigate through the menu, use an Audio Message to direct callers to the correct person, department, or operator.

Entertain and educate your callers whilst they’re on hold waiting for an operator to become available.

Did you know that up to 81% of companies with professional audio messaging reported that their customers perceived their waiting time when calling to be less than one minute?

Audio Messages can:

  • Cross-sell products and services – Take advantage of those precious minutes whilst your callers are on hold to cross-sell other products and services, highlight special offers, or share your company values to further endear your prospect or customer to your brand.
  • Improve productivity – Answer frequently asked questions such as your opening hours, your location for visitors, your website address and more.  You can even prepare your customer for when an operator becomes available, all saving staff time.
  • Compliance – If you record your calls, this is a simple and friendly way to inform everyone at the start of the call that it might be recorded.

What is Audio Marketing?

Like other forms of Marketing (digital, video, email, etc.), audio marketing uses audio content to reach business goals by communicating with prospects and customers and providing potential cross-selling opportunities to their callers.

The customisable aspect of Audio Messages means you can create a unique message, which speaks to your audience, is on-brand, and enhances your professional image.

Can Audio Messages help me to retain customers during busy periods?

Yes – As many as 60% of customers will hang up within one minute of waiting on hold, but businesses who have a professional studio Audio Messaging service report their caller will wait longer and perceive the waiting time to be shorter than it was.

“You don’t always get a second chance to make a first impression, so make your first one count!”

Are Audio Messages compatible with my current phone system?

Usually yes, our Audio Messages are compatible with all the leading telephone systems, if you’re unsure ask one of our friendly technical experts.

Cloud Phone System : we can easily upload the message to any call group or user for you.

Not upgraded to Cloud Phone yet – why not? Check out our article to see if it’s time for your business to migrate to a Cloud Phone Platform. But in the meantime, we can send your recorded message as an audio file in a variety of formats.

Why Choose easyNetworks for your Audio Messages?

Great value clear prices – For just £75, you can benefit from a studio produced audio message, mixed with a choice of music. Our voice-over artists enhance your corporate image and ensure a professional first impression of your business.

No long-term commitment – Unlike many similar services available in the UK, when this service is purchased from easyNetworks, there is a one-off fee and the licence is transferred to you, so you keep your message for life.

Try it now for free! 

No need for your contact details, or any commitment, just click here to try out our online Mixer.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

  1. Choose a voice
  2. Choose your preferred music
  3. Choose your script

Don’t leave potential customers lost for words. Click here to choose a professionally voiced hold message mixed with your preferred music today.

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