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Business internet to suit your requirements

Your business internet must be robust and fast. Trust easyNetworks to get and keep you connected.

Our technical experts can analyse your business internet requirements and advise you of the best solution, free of charge and without obligations. We provide you with the most extensive range of business internet services on the market to help you get online, and this ranges from Superfast and Ultrafast and wireless to 4G.

You’ll receive clear, honest advice on which business-class internet suits your needs, as well as ongoing guidance from technical experts (not salespeople). Learn more about our fibre business internet and other popular business internet services below.

Business internet services

Reap the benefits of our technical expert’s business internet connection knowledge; they will check services available in your area and recommend which options will provide you with the strongest, fastest, and best value business internet connection available.

Our UK based helpdesk assists all our business internet services. The technical experts are on hand to give you clear, honest advice and quickly resolve any issues.  Many of our business internet circuits are actively monitored, allowing us to spot and fix potential issues before our customers notice.

We are dedicated to supporting you, and as part of the easy family of brands, it’s in our DNA to give you excellent value, as well as open and reliable communication surrounding our products. Our business internet solutions include:


Available from £20 per month, our fibre business internet with Ultrafast (FTTP) can provide speeds of to 330Mbps, and Standard (ASDL) or Superfast (FTTC) are also available. Use Ofcom’s handy tool to check which services are available within the area of your business premises. All our broadband business internet solutions are provided with a static IP, enabling you to access servers or equipment situated at your premises from anywhere. We also monitor your internet connection and alert you immediately if there are any problems.

Leased lines

Is a slow business internet connection costing your business? Business Leased Lines are offered from as little as £190 and we will check speeds and pricing from all the major suppliers, BT, Virgin, TTB and SSE.

A dedicated leased line is an industrial-strength service, giving you the best speed and quality and offering a speed range of internet for business 10Mb to 10Gbps. These speeds can enhance your businesses performance and help to improve productivity in the workplace.  A business internet leased line is uncontested, which means it is your very alone, guaranteeing fast internet speeds. Plus, if anything goes wrong, a leased line has a fixed SLA of just 7 hours!


At easyNetworks, we’re proud to offer full-fibre business internet from CityFibre in selected connected cities. This business internet service provides exceptional bandwidth of up to 1Gb per second using CityFibre’s Ethernet Flex service, available from us for just £189 per month, subject to survey and contract.

CityFibre outperforms most current internet infrastructure where sections of slower copper cable compromise fibre-optic speeds. We won’t be beaten on price – so we guarantee to match or beat any equivalent quote for CityFibre business internet. Contract commitments start from 12 months.

VoIP optimised business internet

VoIP optimised business internet is the access element of our end-to-end IP telephony service and can be added to broadband or leased line services.

The service is delivered using a next-generation dedicated IP network with a supplied router and is designed to provide excellent resilience. It holds back just the right amount of bandwidth for telephone calls – providing guaranteed call quality on broadband.

Compare the options below before speaking with technical experts about business-class internet.

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  • Technical experts, not salespeople
  • null
  • Approved by local authorities & healthcare
  • null
  • Clear, honest advice
  • null
  • UK based help desk
  • null
  • Great value

      Business Internet with all the benefits

      • Enjoy superfast speeds and uninterrupted networks with prioritised traffic so that applications requiring high bandwidth have priority.
      • Unlike traditional broadband, Ethernet is a scalable solution. As your business internet consumption increases, your Ethernet connection evolves.
      • Ethernet is ideal for businesses wanting to maximise technologies such as VoIP and cloud-based services.

      Compare our popular business internet services (prices exclude vat)

      Utilise the table below to compare our most popular business internet services, with information surrounding user suitability, download and upload speeds and more. Prices included in the table exclude VAT.

      £20 per month
      Suitable for 1-5 Users
      £35 per month
      Fibre Broadband
      Suitable for 1-20 Users
      From £190 per month
      Leased Line
      Suitable for 10-1000 Users
      Download Speedup to 24MbpsUp to 76MbpsUp to 10Gbps
      Upload Speedup to 1Mbpsup to 19Mbpsup to 10Gbps
      Suitable for Office 365?
      Suitable for Voice in the cloud?Only with Converged variant - £15 extraOnly with Converged variant - £15 extra
      Is the speed guaranteed?
      Setup Charge£65£65Free with 3yr term
      Service Level Fix TimeNo SLANo SLA7 hours
      Minimum Term3 months3 months1 Year
      Requires PSTN Line
      Static IP supplied?
      Usage LimitUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

      FAQs about Broadband and Internet

      Can I get fibre business internet?

      Ofcom has a useful tool that will check what services are available at your property. Ofcom uses the term “Superfast” for Fibre Broadband, also known as Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC).

      Do I need a phone line for internet?

      More modern circuits (commonly known as SOGEA) do not require a telephone line for the broadband to “sit on” however this technology is not yet widely available and standard Broadband and fibre broadband circuits do still require a BT Analogue line.  Leased lines do not need a BT Analogue line.

      If my internet stops working, when will it be fixed?

      A Leased Line is supported with a 7-hour fix SLA. This time does not apply if the fault is outside the reasonable control of BT Openreach, i.e., a road contractor digs through a fibre.

      With Broadband or Fibre Broadband, there is no specified fix time for the service; It is fixed on a “best efforts” basis. A telephone line is also required for broadband to function, and this is supported by a fixed SLA from BT Openreach. This will depend on the Care Level purchased with the line, but we always recommend the top “Care Level 4” service, a 24/7/365, 4-hour fix. Again, there are exceptions for matters beyond the reasonable control of BT Openreach.

      Why do I need a static IP?

      A static or permanent IP address will enable you to gain access to servers or equipment situated at your premises – whilst away from your premises. For example, working from home and accessing company files, FTP server or Microsoft Exchange server, access to CCTV system.

      What is “Superfast” fibre broadband?

      Standard broadband (also known as ADSL) is provided over a single copper pair from your local BT exchange to your property, via the local roadside cabinet. If you are a long way from the exchange, then your predicted speed will be low.

      With fibre broadband, also known as Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC), your property is still connected to the local roadside cabinet with the same copper pair. Still, the cabinet is connected to the BT exchange with high-capacity Fibre.

      What is “Ultrafast” fibre broadband?

      Ultrafast is the next evolution of Superfast, where Fibre is installed from the roadside cabinet into your premises. Speeds are much greater, but availability is very limited.

      How quickly can we supply the internet service?

      We can enable 4G services immediately and broadband within 10 working days. Leased lines typically take 20-65 working days but can be longer if requiring construction work.

      Why should I use easyNetworks for my internet access?

      We provide you with the best advice, so you have the confidence you are buying the right service. Our dedicated UK Helpdesk fix issues very quickly, and you are never no.5 in a queue.

      We operate a NOC to actively monitor all our services so we will often learn about a service issue before you – and take proactive action.

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