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After a careful process of discussion, planning and development, last month we were delighted to announce our brand new product ‘Elastic Data’. If the name doesn’t make immediate sense, here’s the detail….

It is clear to see from numerous glossy advertising campaigns that the general consensus on data provision amongst mobile phone networks competing in the consumer market is ‘bigger is better’.

easy Networks offering increasing amounts of megabytes to watch television on the morning commute, catch up on podcasts or download social media content when there isn’t any WiFi in range, is constantly used to attract customers to new (and often more expensive) contracts, but should this be the same for business?

When picking up the bill for corporate communications, unused data can amount to a considerable business cost.  Some job roles, such as marketing and PR, often require a lot of internet use, while project management or site supervision don’t usually need  the same amount of online activity.

For staff who travel and need to be in contact with the office by email or text messaging, data is a crucial resource for efficiency and productivity, but the demand can be sporadic and depend on individual situations.

These varied circumstances and uses we heard about in feedback from our clients, were at the front of our minds when we developed ‘Elastic Data’, a plan that allows the mobile phone data user to use as much data as they need over the course of a month before returning to the cheapest rate.

By ‘stretching’ to accommodate for the needs of the user and then ‘snapping back’ to the start at the beginning of a new month, a company is only paying for the data employees actually use, ensuring efficiency and value for money.  It also means there are no expensive ‘out of bundle’ charges.

If you think Elastic Data could be of use for your company’s business mobiles, call 0800 1313 100 or email

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