Is it time for your business to migrate to a Cloud Phone platform?

Is it time for your business to migrate to a Cloud Phone platform?

What is Cloud Phone?

Cloud Phone is an online phone system that removes the need for physical hardware and can replace your current office PBX.

The heart of Cloud Phone is a highly resilient software application that lives within remote servers known as the cloud. Unlike traditional on-premise telephone systems, your calls come online using a technology known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

Your speech is converted to data by a VoIP handset, a headset connected to your PC or laptop (known as a softphone) or a smartphone, then transmitted over ethernet cables through to the internet.

You need a suitable internet connection to support VoIP and as fibre ethernet cables offer much greater bandwidth than traditional copper lines, many businesses choose to upgrade their internet connectivity to a fibre leased line as they upgrade to the cloud.

Cloud Phone enables multimedia communications sessions such as audio conversations, video calls,  and instant messaging. Staff can work from anywhere: at home, the office or on the road. This makes it ideal for hybrid working, which has been widely adopted as the “new normal” by businesses since the onset of the pandemic.

How much does Cloud Phone cost?

You pay a simple monthly subscription of £10, per user per month, with no-tie ins.
You can flex users up and down as your business grows and all subscriptions are provided on a rolling 30-day basis with no commitments. Our customers stay with us because they want to, not because they are locked into long term contracts!

A brief guide to Cloud Phone from easyNetworks

The “Great British switch-off”

UK businesses are adopting VoIP systems in increasing numbers for cost savings, flexibility and vastly increased functionality, but also because BT begun plans to switch off the existing copper telephone network and convert it entirely to VoIP. This is known as the “Great British switch-off” and will be complete by 2025. In fact, BT has already started the first phase of “stop sell” where they are no longer providing ISDN (business telephony) systems in certain exchange areas.

Can I keep my existing phone system?

Some traditional phone systems are “backwards compatible” with VoIP by connecting to the internet using SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) lines, but these systems would not offer the full functionality and advantages of Cloud Phone from easyNetworks.

The benefits of Cloud Phone from easyNetworks

There are numerous advantages to Cloud Phone over your old office PBX. Here are just some of the benefits and ways you can save money:

Cloud Phone LogoFree calls to UK mobiles and UK landlines
Eliminate UK call costs – this represents an immediate and long-term saving for your business.

Cloud Phone LogoNo more line rental or ISDN channel costs
Cloud Phone takes these costs out of your business as well, but you get to keep all your existing numbers when you migrate.

Cloud Phone LogoNo more hardware costs, maintenance fees, software upgrade costs or engineer visits
Say goodbye to capital expenditure and hidden costs – Cloud Phone is maintained and updated for free as long as your subscription is in force.

Cloud Phone LogoFree softphone app
This enables the user to plug a headset into a computer or laptop to begin making and receiving audio and video calls, chats and group messages. Many Cloud Phone customers adopt the softphone and do away with handsets all together, representing another cost saving.

Cloud Phone LogoFree smartphone app
The full functionality of Cloud Phone also runs on your smartphone, meaning you can have a single number for all your communications and never have to give your personal mobile number out again!

Cloud Phone LogoAudio conferencing
Add multiple colleagues or clients to a call or video chat at any time.

Cloud Phone LogoAudio attendant
Greet callers with a message or series of prompts to route their call to the most appropriate destination or voicemail. easyNetworks can provide professionally produced Audio Messages that create valuable up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, mixed with the hold music of your choice.

Cloud Phone LogoFully resilient platform
Cloud Phone from easyNetworks is one of the biggest platforms in the UK and runs on BT’s core network for market-leading resiliency and redundancy. Cloud Phone is always online, always up-to-date and always secure.

Cloud Phone LogoOnline administration portal
You can configure and manage the full functionality of the system online, or we can do it all for you. The easyNetworks helpdesk is always here to support you with any issues, however big or small.

Cloud Phone LogoCall Centre bolt-on
Our Akixi call centre add-on enables Cloud Phone to extend to a fully featured call centre at a fraction of the cost of equivalent solutions. In-queue messaging, custom announcements, call monitoring, performance management and call recording options are available.

Cloud Phone from easyNetworks is a flexible and reliable platform that can revolutionise your business communications. It offers cutting-edge functionality at an extraordinarily low price per user, with no commitments, and is suitable for businesses of any size from 5 users upwards.

For more details on how Cloud Phone can work for your business, contact easyNetworks here, call our technical team on 0800 1313 100 or subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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