Is your office ready for the BIG return?

A busy and happy office environment

Last week, Boris announced that the current advice is that working from home is no longer necessary. Offices all around the UK will be opening their doors to their remote workforce, and businesses will be grappling with what the “new normal” is going to look like.

For many businesses, this will come as great news, but it may come with some unpleasant surprises. Whilst some companies have kept up to date with their software and equipment, others are likely to have neglected their office as they dealt with other priorities during the pandemic and may have a rude awakening when their staff return.

Welcome staff back!

As your staff blow dust from their keyboards and reboot their now outdated systems, many will conclude that their network or equipment is no longer fit for purpose, or how they now work.

Upgrading needn’t be prohibitively expensive – especially when compared to the productivity loss if your systems are slow and outdated.  We can help and have a range of affordable products and services to ensure that staff can work from the office better than ever and work from home – which is essential if your company adopts a flexible/hybrid working model.

Reflect on how you work now – with better products

IT Support

Most staff have been working from their home network, and your office connection might not be sufficient for all that increased traffic.  Maybe it’s time for more bandwidth.

Your servers and switches might be creaking and cannot support new versions of software – your network might be overloaded or lagging, slowing everyone down.

Maybe you don’t know what you need? If so, we offer a Discovery Service where we come and look at your systems and environment then document what you have and offer some sensible recommendations.

This can also be said about your cybersecurity. Do many staff bring their device (BYOD)? Allowing the team to use their own device can potentially put your business at risk of a cyber-attack. Arrange a call with one of the experts for further information.

Telecoms & Data Cabling

Has your office team grown over the last two years? Do you have sufficient equipment and desk space to welcome your entire team back?

We can help your company with additional data ports, better Wi-Fi, PC Displays, Business Mobile Phone Deals, Telephones and headsets and we even offer a desk move service.

Are you ready?

If you’re anticipating your team’s return because of any of these reasons, get in touch today! Our technical experts will go through your business requirements and offer the best service/products at the best price.

Why easyNetworks?

Save money by choosing easyNetworks as your IT &Telecoms provider. We are all passionate about providing our customers great advice and the best prices, and we are not like most other telecoms providers – because we do not commit you to unnecessary and lengthy contracts, we do not employ salespeople and never ever sell you anything you don’t really need.

See how we can future-proof your business communications today!

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