Is your phone system ready for the festive season?

easyNetworks customer listening to an audio message over Christmas

Don’t leave your customers out in the cold this Christmas – use a studio-quality on-hold message to communicate vital seasonal information in an engaging and entertaining way.

Almost every business in the UK makes changes around the Christmas and the New Year period, for example to opening hours or customer support. Make sure your customers know about these changes with a professionally produced audio message from easyNetworks.

Adding a bespoke audio message to your business phone system allows you to welcome callers with a friendly voice and seasonal music at a surprisingly low price. However, time is running out as you only have until the 17th December to implement any changes to your telephone messages in time for Christmas.

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It’s Christmassss… already?

Christmas is only weeks away, so it’s time to plan your customer communications now. The chances are your business will be closed, with no one to answer customer enquiries. However, failing to prepare an appropriate telephone message could cost your business dearly. Did you know that as many as 60% of callers will hang up within one minute if they are left waiting in silence?

The solution is to add friendly and festive on-hold messages to your telephone system, informing your callers of your opening hours, promotions, and any relevant business reminders during your absence.

For example, if you have new year sales or offers in the pipeline, audio messaging is the perfect way to keep customers aware of these deals when your business is closed over Christmas.

Audio messages are not just for Christmas

On-hold messaging is not just for Christmas – with an audio message from easyNetworks you can use customer waiting time to:

  1. Increase revenue by cross-selling and up-selling additional products without the need for extra staff
  2. Informing the caller of your premium services and opening times
  3. Prepare your customer for the call when your operator becomes available
  4. Signpost alternative support options such as emergency mobile numbers or online help pages

Simply put – it is a professional and cost effective way to turn unavoidable call waiting time into additional revenue all year round.

Hold time does not have mean callers hanging up in droves, in fact the right messaging can lead to happier, better informed customers and an extra income stream.

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Why choose easyNetworks for your audio messages?

When you chose easyNetworks for your on-hold messaging you’ll benefit from great value,  choice and clear pricing. For a one-off fee of just £75, you get a studio produced audio message mixed with your choice of music. Our voice-over artists enhance your corporate image and ensure a professional first impression of your business.

All messages are 100% bespoke to your requirements, so you write a script that works for your business, choose your preferred voice and music, and we make it happen!

It’s only just begunnnn

Try out our mixer here to get started… but don’t forget we need your order by 17th December to complete it in time for Christmas.

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