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Machine to Machine for Business and IoT

At easyNetworks, we offer data SIMs that can be used for IoT (Internet of Things) and (M2M) Machine to Machine for business.

We’re able to supply SIMs that are static to your chosen network; roaming SIMs which connect to the most robust network, or steered roaming, which prioritises your network choice. Usually, the roaming and steered M2M roaming connections will use O2, Vodafone, Three and EE depending on the application. All connections are managed and monitored using our web-based platform. We can provide a low-cost plan with aggregated data across all the connections.  We can also provide data SIMs with Static and private IP addresses.

Our Machine-to-Machine data SIMs for business also comes with a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for increased security.

Find out more about the Internet of Things and Machine to Machine for business below.

What is Machine to Machine?

Machine to Machine is a term used to describe computer-based devices communicating without human interaction.

These devices capture information and share it with other devices or systems wirelessly or physically connected to a private network, or using the cellular network.  Perfect for CCTV and monitoring cameras who need a private network and remote access for viewing and downloading footage.

One of the most known types of Machine-to-Machine communication is telemetry, which is used to transmit operational data and performance measurements gathered from instruments in remote locations.

Some of the benefits of M2M include improved customer services through proactively monitoring and servicing equipment before it fails, boosted revenue through finding new opportunities for servicing and reduced costs by minimising equipment downtime.

What is IoT?

Internet of Things, often abbreviated to IoT, is the next generation of Machine to Machine, and it enables machines to interact with each other via the Internet using IP. This approach is more scalable and flexible when combining dissimilar machines and standards.

IoT systems collect data, often via multiple data points, which can then trigger an action. An excellent example of this is with smart devices – where a system can measure the temperature in a room and adjust the thermostat automatically within a pre-defined set of rules.  Often these connections are used to control the temperature in comms rooms and server cabinets and are set up to either turn on the air conditioning or send an alert if the temperature gets too high, putting IT systems at risk.

This next-generation Machine to Machine for business can allow you to be ahead of the game when it comes to providing for your users.

Get in touch with easyNetworks today to discuss M2M and IoT further.

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