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M2M and IoT

Enabling machines to communicate

Machine to Machine is the term used to describe computer based devices communicating with each other without human interaction. These devices capture information and share with other devices or systems wirelessly or physically connected using a private network.

Internet of Things is the next generation of M2M, enabling machines to interact with each other via the Internet using IP. This approach is more scalable and more flexible when combining dissimilar machines and standards.

We offer data SIMs that can be used for both technologies. We can supply SIMs which are static to your chosen network, roaming SIMs which connect to the strongest network or steered roaming which priorities your network choice. All connections are managed and monitored using our web based platform. We provide static and private IP addressing schemes and aggregated data.

All these solutions can be tailored to your business needs. Get in touch for a review by one of our mobile specialists, they can capture your exact requirement and recommend a solution that is best value and suited to your needs with the flexibility to change if your needs change.

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    Static IP and VPN for M2M
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    Fixed network, roaming & steered roaming
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    Aggregated data
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    Intuitive web portal reporting usage
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    Technical experts, not salespeople

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