Microsoft 365 Price Increases

'Microsoft Office 365 Price Increase'

Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Office Price Increase

After a very tough couple of years, it is disappointing that Microsoft has announced colossal price increases and it’s obvious they are discouraging flexible monthly subscriptions by adding a disproportionate premium.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about Microsoft 365 and Office 365 price increases and how you can minimise the impact to your business. 

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What is changing with Microsoft 365 Pricing uk?

Microsoft is increasing the price on most of their subscription plans from 1 March 2022 by as much as 25% on 12-month commitments – and as high as 50% on their 30-day plan options.

Microsoft’s pricing increase has been introduced under the term ‘NCE’ which means ‘New Commerce Experience’ which they claim is a simplified way of providing licensing.

Current Price
12-month term
30-day term
Exchange Online (Plan 1)£3.00£3.00Withdrawn
Microsoft Business Basic£3.80£4.50




Microsoft Business Standard£9.40£9.40£11.28


Microsoft Business Premium£15.10£16.60




Microsoft 365 E3£28.10£31.70




Office 365 E1£6.00£7.50




Office 365 E3£17.60£20.20




Office 365 E5£30.80£33.40




All prices shown exclude VAT.

The changeover began in January 2022 and the deadline is just around the corner. From the 1st of March 2022, all legacy subscriptions will have to move to NCE, so if you have not done so yet – you will have to choose new subscription plans for your staff.

It is clear that Microsoft want you to commit to a 12-month term to get the best pricing.  But don’t be alarmed, the subscription isn’t an annual fee, you just pay monthly instalments, the same as would with a pay-as-you-go subscription. Although, you will be obliged to pay the remaining months of the contract if you want to cancel it early.

Is the Microsoft Office 365 price increase all bad news?

It’s not all bad news. Microsoft justified the increase by highlighting that they have added 24 brand new apps and a whopping 1,400 features since they released Microsoft 365, all of which have revolutionised how we collaborate, work and play.

In a blog post from the tech giants, they discuss various new partnerships, updates and releases coming our way. There are efforts to provide increased productivity across Microsoft Teams, improve accessibility across their many apps, and several newer apps and workflows, like the Walkie Talkie app, to empower those frontline workers.

So, while the Microsoft pricing increase may come as a shock to many, users are now offered more for their money.

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What do you need to do?

To be properly prepared for the Office 365 price increase, there are a few measures to take. At easyNetworks, we’re here to help – offering free audits for customers and advice at every step of the way.

Carry out a Microsoft subscription audit

This is a process of comparing your business needs with your Microsoft subscriptions.  Microsoft licensing is a complex subject, but don’t worry, we offer a free audit for our customers.  It’s amazing how many businesses are paying for subscriptions they don’t need.

Consider future business plans

How many subscriptions do you have now and what is the minimum level it could drop to?  Consider a blend of 12 months and 30-day terms – so most of your subscriptions are at the cheaper price – and you have a few subscriptions that you keep flexible for fluctuating staff numbers.

Engage with easyNetworks and receive an extra 5% discount

We are offering a 5% discount to Microsoft 365 and Office 365 subscriptions purchased on a 12-month term before 31st March 2022.  If you purchase before 1st March 2022, we can lock in your current pricing for another year – beating the Microsoft price increase – and you will get an extra 5%, so you could pay less than you are paying now.

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Why buy Microsoft 365 for your business from easyNetworks?

Our friendly team are technical experts, not salespeople – so we don’t pay sales commissions or bonuses.  This means you can rest assured that you are getting the best advice, all while reducing your costs wherever possible.

When you engage easyNetworks as your Microsoft Cloud Services Partner, you qualify for our free Microsoft subscription audit, and we will ensure you have the perfect blend of subscriptions to keep your costs in control.

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