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Elastic Data

Mobile Phone Data plans for Business

Mobile data plans for business that stretch and shrink based on what you use.

Overpaying for mobile phone data that you’re not using can be a real issue for a business. Whether you’ve signed up for business mobile unlimited data tariff and you’re not using enough to warrant such expense, or you’re fed up with hidden “out of bundle” Mobile data charges UK when you use a little bit more than your allowance so you get a massive unexpected bill (often referred to as Bill Shock) – We the perfect plan that can work for you and with you.

“Elastic” data allows you to get the cheapest mobile data for business tariffs at the start of each month, with the cost rising as you use more data. This mobile data plan for business then snaps back to its original price at the start of the next month – meaning you only pay for the data you actually use.

Mobile Data for Business

Available on the 02 network, our elastic business mobile data plan will mean the end of running out of data and incurring costly mobile data charges in the UK. The end of bill shock! No longer does using a little bit more mobile data mean going over your limit and a massive bill. – instead, your data will stretch along with your usage, then ping back to the lowest tariff at the beginning of the next month.

Our elastic mobile phone data is designed to flex to your usage so there’s always more available when you need it, and you’re not paying for mobile data you don’t need. It flexes up and down each month, and your connections are only committed to 30 days, so you can also flex the number of users up and down without penalty.

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    Resets to lowest data tariff each month
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    Only pay for what you use
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    Grow or shrink your package without penalty
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    Slash your mobile costs
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    We are technical experts, not sales people

    Mobile Phone Data FAQs

    What is business mobile data?

    Business mobile data is mobile phone data for your business phone. Whenever you use the internet on your mobile and you’re not connected to Wi-Fi, you’re using data. Various activities use up different amounts of data, usually up to a set allowance. Many calling applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger also use data to connect the calls.

    Where do I use the most mobile phone data?

    Mobile phone data is often used the most to download video – but sending and receiving emails with large attachments can use just as much, if not more. Other big users of data include social media, apps, video watching, and some satellite navigation apps.

    Do I need business mobile unlimited data?

    Often there is no need to pay for a Business mobile Unlimited data plan – Many users consume much less mobile data than they think, many as low as 1-2GB per month and are just paying an Unlimited Mobile Phone Data tariff so they don’t ever run out. Our technical experts will work with you to help you to understand exactly how much data you need and which data packages will work best for your business. For example, if you use your phone mainly to email, you can send around 300 emails with attachments on 1GB of data per month. The more data you have, the more you can do and the longer you can do it for.

    What is elastic Mobile phone data for business?

    Elastic mobile data for business offers flexibility on a month-by-month basis, with the cost of your data increasing depending on how much you use. Once a new month starts, the cost of your data snaps back to the cheapest tariff.

    Can you also offer me a Business mobile unlimited data plan?

    Yes we also offer great value Business mobile unlimited data plans on both O2 and Vodafone which can be mixed and matched based on strongest coverage in users geographical area. For optimum cost control, why not mix and match your users and have some on Elastic data plans and higher users on an Unlimited tariff, all billed and managed by the friendly technical team at easyNetworks.

    Can I get SIM only elastic mobile data plans for business?

    SIM only allows you total freedom in choosing the handset you think meets your requirements. We can provide the calls, texts and data for your needs on an elastic data plan available on the 02 network.

    Mobile Data Plans For Business On A 12-Month Agreement

    Get unlimited UK calls and texts, with all of the mobile phone data you need on elastic data plans with the 02 network, all on a 12-month agreement. Long gone are the days where you are tied into a lengthy contracts with hidden fees – and that’s an easyNetworks promise.

    Get in touch with one of our technical experts today who can discuss mobile phone data with you further.

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