Monthly Support

Monthly Support

Monthly IT Support from £20 per user per month

Let us look after your entire computer system and provide monthly IT support for just £20 per user. easyNetworks can act as your IT department and constantly offer business IT support whenever you need it. If your IT department is overstretched with projects, let us look after day-to-day support, so your IT team can focus on other priorities.

Our unlimited IT support pricing includes the time needed to fix any problems you encounter, from software glitches to equipment failure. We have all the tools and skills available to keep your IT systems running smoothly and can quickly fix unexpected issues that might arise, supporting your staff.

Choosing easyNetworks for Business IT Support

Alongside fixing and troubleshooting any issues, our IT support services include our monitoring software, which allows us to analyse your hardware and report issues to the support centre to take a closer look at the problem. Our proactive approach to business IT support means we usually resolve any issues before you experience any significant systems failures.

At easyNetworks, we recognise that the highest cost in business is staff, and they are reliant on their computer systems working efficiently. A slow computer means that their job will take longer, and a broken computer means work stops. We include our strategic review within our support service, where we work with you to ensure your systems are secure and resilient, and where possible, futureproof against further issues. Whether you’re looking for large or small business IT support, we’re here to help!

The unlimited IT support we offer includes both remote and on-site support. Contact us to find out more.

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    Unlimited remote & on-site support
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    30-day rolling contract
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    Just £20 per user
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    Includes m365 & peripherals

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    Includes remote control app

    What’s included in our Business IT Support?

    Business IT SupportMonthly Support
    Cost per Server£40 per month
    Cost per Desktop/Laptop£20 per month
    Unlimited remote support
    Unlimited on-site support
    Unlimited telephone support
    Monitoring software
    Unlimited Phones/tablets
    Replacement hardware
    Software updates
    WiFi / switches
    Router/Firewall support
    Antivirus management
    Strategy planning
    Data backup support
    o365 management

    FAQs about Monthly IT Support

    How do we start using your IT support services?

    Our “Discovery” service is the best way to set up our system. We’ll audit your computers and gather all the necessary information we’ll need to help you remotely in the future. We will also identify any IT issues you have and fix them where possible. This will also give us a good understanding of your working process, enabling us to recommend some “best practice” methods for you to consider.

    What is the “Discovery” service, and how much does it cost?

    A Discovery service allows us to set up your support. This visit can take anything from two hours to a full day, depending on the size and complexity of your IT. We charge £80 per hour for this service, and once we’ve finished, we’ll send complete insights into your IT environment. Call us to discuss this further and to get a time estimate.

    Which geographical areas do you cover?

    For remote support, we cover the entirety of the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, on-site support is currently only available to businesses within Hampshire and the surrounding counties, but we’ll be expanding our reach soon.

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