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Business network installation and network services

A robust data network is vital to your workforce. Build the foundations of your business by providing staff with a reliable, stable connection. Many businesses rely on employees being able to stay connected to their company’s network and the internet, to access applications, in order to complete daily tasks. Ensure that your employees have round-the-clock access to all your resources and enhance your staffs’ productivity with solid internet connectivity.

At easyNetworks, we are experts in business network installation. We have been installing networks for over 25 years and have a team of network cable installation specialist engineers on hand to support your business network now and in the future.

Improve your business network coverage with easyNetworks

If you’re looking to improve your business network coverage and/or its reliability, we have a range of network services and solutions available to ensure that your network runs beautifully. easyNetworks has installed great quality data networks for a number of high-profile clients, take a look for yourself through our case studies.

Our experts can assist you with a broad range of services, from network relocation to data cabling for your new premises.  A new Wi-Fi network, with traffic shaping to enable the introduction of VoIP or a cloud migration, our technical experts are on hand to discuss your requirements.

Learn more about our business network installation and other network services below.

Data cabling

Our specialist engineers have installed thousands of miles of data cabling across a huge variety of environments, including schools, hospitals, listed buildings and even ships.

We install professional, standards-compliant networks that will work beautifully for many years and long outlive any devices attached to them. This is why it’s important to choose a qualified installer who understands your requirements, invests in staff training, the latest Fluke testing equipment and someone who understands the different products and vendors.


Great business Wi-Fi is now an essential part of the workplace, ensuring employees and guests receive the same seamless experience from Wi-Fi as they do when using cables.

Our specialist engineers can set up a dedicated guest network for your visitors, which is entirely separate from your business network. This means your visitors get a great experience while your sensitive business data stays safe.

Wireless backhaul

Extend your network to a neighbouring property or ensure that an entire campus provides excellent connectivity in every building – ideal for linking buildings where a physical fibre is complex or too costly to install.

This network service is backed with a comprehensive support package that will keep you connected for years.

Rack tidy service

Comms racks can get disorganised, especially when a business network installation requires hardware upgrades, new staff, and potentially, new suppliers. This makes fault finding almost impossible and can extend the time of network outages.

Our expert staff can analyse all the equipment in your rack and prepare a reorganisation plan, speeding up fault tracing and freeing up rack space.

Network relocation

Moving an entire operation can be a mammoth task with significant risks. We allow you to focus on your business while taking care of the network relocation.

We take the pain away, making your move appear seamless to your clients – with our team of experts able to create a bespoke moving plan just for you.


If your Wi-Fi is slow, devices are hanging, or telephone calls are dropping out, your network may be lagging, or worse…be completely broken.

Networks are complex, and there are a number of elements that can cause issues. We have experienced expert engineers who can troubleshoot your problems, offering an initial diagnosis and an immediate fix or discussing the following steps to reinstate your services.

Found a service that meets your needs? Perhaps you’d like to discuss business network installation with us? Contact easyNetworks today to improve your business network coverage.

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    Business network installation with all the benefits

    • Have the confidence that your network has been installed correctly, as our team is directly employed, boasts many years of experience, and is highly trained.
    • Your network will be tested to the latest standard and complete with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty.
    • Our team are CITB SSSTS qualified, and all engineers hold current ECS cards, while easyNetworks is Chas accredited. Any work area on your premises with our team will be safe.

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