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Prepay on-site IT support and remote IT support

Are you paying too much for your on-site or remote IT support? At easyNetworks, we offer IT support for £40 per hour, where you can prepay for a block of hours and only use them when and if you need to.

Whether you need remote or on-site IT support to help with setting up a new server, or you require assistance with back-ups and restores, we’re on hand to help. We can become your IT support department and are available to fix issues as they arise. Alternatively, you can purchase a block of hours to support your internal IT department with additional resources when they’re working on special projects.

Find out more about what assistance we can provide you with below.

On-site and remote access support

easyNetworks’ prepay IT support gives you support as and when you need it, receiving clear, honest advice no matter what issues arise. We’re able to support you on several things, including, but not limited to:

• Setting up new servers
• Broken computers or laptops
Microsoft 365 assistance
• Connectivity issues (Wi-Fi and Broadband)
• Help with backups and restores
• Printer or network issues
• Firewall configuration
• Security planning
• PCI DSS audits

We are able to prove remote access support, accessing your servers at regular intervals to check their health and report back about any issues. We ask that you install our TeamViewer app on each computer and server that we’re looking after –then you can request support at the touch of a button.

The minimum purchase of prepaying on-site or remote IT support is 10 hours. Alternatively, you can opt for our unlimited monthly support option, giving you a flexible 30-day rolling contract of support month-to-month, where we can act as your IT department.

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    Engineer time from £40 per hour
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    Purchase 10 hours to get started
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    Only use hours when you need to
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    Clear, honest advice
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    Includes remote control app

    FAQs about on-site and remote IT support

    How do I get started with support?

    Get in touch with us to purchase a block of 10 hours. Our “Discovery” service is the best way to get you set up on our system, where we will audit your computers and gather all the necessary information for us to help you receive remote access support in the future. We will also identify any current issues and fix them where possible.

    We’ll also understand how you work, enabling us to recommend best-practice methods for you to consider in the future. This “Discovery” visit can take anywhere from two hours to a full day, depending on the size and complexity of your IT department.

    From here, we’ll send you your documentation and valuable insight into your IT environments.

    What geographical areas do easyNetworks cover?

    For remote IT support, we will cover the whole of the UK. However, we currently only offer our on-site IT support to businesses within Hampshire and its surrounding counties. We will be expanding our reach soon!

    Is there a minimum number of prepay support hours I need to purchase?

    The minimum purchase is 10 hours, while the maximum purchase we offer is 100 hours.

    How many hours of prepay support should I purchase?

    We ask our customers to purchase as many hours as they think they will need for a month. We suggest buying a starting block of 10 hours, which you can increase if necessary.

    Do my purchased on-site or remote IT support hours expire?

    They do expire. You can use your hours for up to 12 months before they expire. Unfortunately, we are unable to refund expired or unexpired hours.

    Is there a minimum time for each incident?

    For remote IT support, we have a minimum usage of 30 minutes. For on-site IT support, our minimum usage is 2 hours.

    A package for all your IT support needs

    £400 support package
    Number of Units10 units
    Usage rate (remote work)1 unit / hour
    Usage rate (on-site work)2 units / hour
    TeamViewer App included for remote support
    We help fix a broken PC/server
    We help you with Microsoft applications
    We help manage your Office365 services
    We help you setup/restore backups
    Project work
    Consulting & strategy

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