Relocating your business

Choose one of our ‘Mover’ packages to reduce the risk of your relocation.

Moving your operations can be a mammoth task which comes with some hefty risks – let us help. We are communication & connectivity experts, and can make your move appear seamless to your clients. We take away the pain so you can concentrate on running your business.

We have moved many businesses and really know our stuff, so this is something you can check off your to-do list. Our team of experts will create a bespoke moving plan just for you, from two users to two hundred, from a simple internet connection to a full network.

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    Prince2 Project Managers

    FAQs about our relocation packages

    Tell me more about your “Silver Mover” and “Gold Mover” packages?

    You will be assigned one of our experienced Prince2 Project Managers.

    With our “Silver Mover” package, your Project Manager will provide you with a simple and concise plan to identify task ownership and dependencies which will translate into clear deliverables for your team to execute.

    With our “Gold Mover” package, we do it all for you, communicating with your team and external stakeholders and providing regular highlight reporting.

    Is there a disruption when the Internet & telecoms transfer?

    Not to your customers and staff – we start up new services in your new premises then simply switch them over when your move is complete.

    Can you delapse our old building?

    If required we are more than happy to remove redundant services in your old premises.

    Can we keep/move our telephone system?

    Some older systems don’t cope well with a move, and it could be that your new building has better connectivity and it could be cost effective to upgrade as part of the move. We will fully evaluate your options during the survey process.

    Compare our relocation packages…

    Bronze Mover
    Silver Mover
    Gold Mover
    Consultation & survey (existing premises)
    Survey (new premises)
    Dedicated Project Manager
    Install new cabling/WiFi infrastructure
    Move all comms servicesOptional
    Comprehensive pre go-live testingOptional
    Provide detailed project plan
    Move all IT equipment
    Move everything; furniture, plants, warehouse etc
    Delapse old premises and manage dilapidationsOptionalOptionalOptional

    What our customers say…

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