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SIM Only Deals for business

We provide the airtime; you provide the handset. 30-day contracts, mix and match networks on one bill with business SIM only deals for easyNetworks.

Business mobile SIM-only plans from easyNetworks give you the total freedom to purchase your handset from wherever you want.  Do you have a suitable phone that works just fine? Then keep it for another year!  You even have the option to buy a recycled handset or reuse another staff members old phone, it’s sustainable and you’ll save loads of money from doing it.  Whether you’re looking for an Apple or Android handset, we will provide you with the airtime needed to get your business SIM only journey started.

Keep things fully flexible with 30-day business mobile SIM only contracts on Vodafone and O2, which can be mixed and matched based on the best coverage, and all billed and supported by us. This means that you never need to speak to O2 or Vodafone again, and with easyNetworks, you are NEVER number 5 in the queue!

If you standardise on iPhones, and require a larger deployment, you can go direct to Apple and take advantage of their Device Enrolment Programme for ease of migration, whilst we provide and look after your airtime usage.

Break the cycle with SIM only contracts for business

Break the cycle with SIM-only for business and avoid lengthy 24 or 36-month contracts. Make forced renewals, misaligned contract end dates and paying for a handset that you’ve already funded, a thing of the past.  Plus, if you need to travel to the EU, what about “roam like you’re at home” charges because do you really want to commit to a 24 or 36-month contract when these are likely to change based on the network in the coming months?

With easyNetworks, you can mix and match your business SIM-only plans across multiple networks to ensure the best coverage and value, all secured on one monthly bill and with one number to call for support. Your single SIM-only for business bill will be expertly managed by our technical team, who will monitor your usage and recommend bolt-ons and tariff changes to minimise any “Out of Bundle” (OOB) charges.

Say goodbye to redundant connections that you’ve kept to avoid early exit penalties, simply cease the connections you no longer need; paying over the odds for your phone because you’ve not had a chance to renew your business mobile contracts; and having to search the markets year after year to get the best business mobile deals – you’ll already be on the best price.

The networks love it when you’re too busy to go through the pain of searching for new mobile deals and let your mobile contracts “roll-on” and keep letting them rip you off!  We understand, so let us help. Pick up SIM-only contracts for business made easy by easyNetworks.

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    Amazing value
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    Grow or shrink without penalties
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    Mix and match networks on one bill
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    Data sharer packages available
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    Split your airtime and hardware

    FAQs about SIM-Only for Business

    Can I get a business mobile SIM only contract?

    Yes, you can. Business mobile SIM-only plans are tailored to your needs and requirements and can be used alongside any handset on a network of your choice.

    Why are business mobile SIM only plans so cheap?

    Business mobile SIM-only plans are cheap because there’s no handset provided with the package. With standard contracts, you pay for the phone and the business mobile SIM card – Our best business mobile SIM-only deals will provide you with the best value available for your tariff.

    What’s included with SIM only contracts for business?

    SIM-only contracts include calls to UK fixed and mobile numbers. This used to only include calls to other connections on the same network, but not anymore, now you can call any network and it’s fully included. You can then select your data bundle, which we will monitor for you, and adjust your tariff to your usage.

    What data can I get in a SIM only for business deal?

    We offer many tariffs across many networks, which can all be mixed and matched for optimum savings. Higher data users can take advantage of our great value unlimited mobile tariffs, whilst those who consume little data could have a lower bundle, we will tailor the bundles to best match your usage. Alternatively, you can check out our Elastic Data tariff which has saved our customers a bundle.

    What if I want package deals rather than a business mobile SIM only plan?

    We can offer package deals from primary network operators, with popular packages including the latest iPhones and Samsung Galaxy handsets. Find out more about our package deals if SIM-only for business doesn’t suit you.

    Our most popular SIM-only for business tariffs

    Browse some of our popular business mobile SIM-only contracts from leading UK networks. Prices differ depending on data usage, but with our Elastic Data deals, your tariff will bounce back to the lowest price at the start of each new month.

    If you’re interested in SIM-only business mobile deals, get in touch with an easyNetworks expert to discuss further.

    Sim Data

    Per user per month

    Per user per month
    250 mins + 250 texts + 300MBSee Elastic Data
    500 mins + 500 texts + 500MBSee Elastic Data
    Unlimited calls/texts + 3GBSee Elastic Data£14.50
    Unlimited call/texts + 5GBSee Elastic Data£15.50
    Unlimited calls/texts + 8GB£16.00
    Unlimited calls/texts + 10GB£17.50
    Unlimited calls/texts + 16GB£17.50
    Unlimited calls/texts + 20GB£25.00
    Unlimited calls/texts + 24GB£18.50
    Unlimited calls/texts + 32GB£19.50
    Unlimited calls/texts + 50GB£25.00£33.00
    Unlimited calls/texts + 100GB£35.00£38.00

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