SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks in the UK for just £6 per month on a simple 30-day agreement

Looking for excellent value SIP trunks for your business telephone system?  We offer great pricing options for your business SIP trunks for either £6 or £10 per month, including UK fixed and mobile number calls.

You can keep your existing numbers when you migrate to SIP Trunks from easyNetworks. Our SIP Trunk lines are incredibly resilient, with some wonderfully integrated backup and business continuity options available. We also offer all of this on a simple 30-day rolling contract because we hate unnecessary long contracts; we want you to stay because you want to, not because you have to. So, choose us if you demand outstanding value, appreciate our diligent support and enjoy our honest, open approach to telecoms.

What are SIP trunks?

SIP trunks (or SIP phone lines) are virtual telephone “lines” which use the internet to connect calls instead of traditional copper BT lines. SIP phone lines have been rapidly replacing legacy ISDN circuits for many years, and they are now one of the more popular telephone connectivity choices for UK businesses.

If your telephone system is still using the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) or ISDN for your business telephone lines in the UK. You may be running out of time before the Great British Switch Off in 2025 when BT Openreach will switch off all legacy PTSN and ISDN circuits – if so, we can help you upgrade to virtual telephone lines or SIP trunks.

At easyNetworks, we were early adopters of SIP Lines phone and VoIP technology and have been supplying and supporting great value Business SIP trunks and VoIP telephony since the 1990s.

How are SIP trunks better than BT lines?

SIP trunks can save you money! SIP Lines are nearly always cheaper than BT telephone lines, especially as calls are usually included, and no expensive BT engineer visits are needed to install new sip line phone, which also makes them much quicker to “install.” Our SIP trunks come with clever call managing and routing options that were not available using traditional legacy BT telephone lines.

You can also add a Call Manager for advanced routing and reporting, which gives your business centralised call control.  Call Manager can provide instant re-routing of your calls if your business premises are inaccessible – you can even define how calls are re-routed in advance and instantly invoke your disaster recovery plan with a single click.

Better still, if your primary service were to fail, we can provide standby trunks that are waiting to start working when they’re needed. These resilience options make sure you’re very rarely caught out by technical issues – and if you are, our friendly team of technical experts are on hand to help.

If you’re looking for affordable, cheap SIP trunks for business, backed by technical expertise, then easyNetworks are here to assist, get in touch with one of our friendly technical experts who will talk through your options and explain how SIP lines phone can benefit your business and save you money.

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    Price match guarantee
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    Free calls to UK fixed and mobiles
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    Hot standby resilience options
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    Keep your existing numbers
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    Add Call Manager for advanced routing

    FAQs about SIP Trunks in the UK

    Do you offer inclusive call bundles with your SIP lines?

    Yes. In addition to our £6 per line tariff, our most popular option is a £10 per line tariff that includes calls to UK fixed lines and UK mobiles. We offer 2,000 minutes per line per month on a 3-year minimum term.

    Is my PBX telephone system compatible with SIP?

    This really depends on the age of your PBX. Most modern telephone systems are hybrid, where they will work with SIP while also supporting legacy telephone lines like ISDN and analogue. Even if your trusted PBX is old, don’t rule out an upgrade to a SIP phone line – it’s cheaper and may even end up paying for itself.

    What is the call quality like on a virtual telephone line?

    SIP trunks in the UK provide very high call quality, but it is important that your LAN and Internet service is “voice ready”. This means the cabling should be good, and your switches and firewall should be configured for voice prioritisation.

    Speak to our technical experts for a free consultation today.

    Are SIP trunks in the UK resilient?

    Your primary SIP is as resilient as your Internet service. However, we provide ‘standby trunks’, which are waiting to start working if your primary service was to fail – making SIP phone lines incredibly resilient.

    Can I keep my existing telephone numbers?

    Yes. We transfer your numbers to your SIP cloud. SIP numbers in the UK allow you to be reached anywhere. There is a set-up charge for this process

    SIP phone lines sound great, are there any set-up charges?

    Yes. We charge £75 to set up SIP for a business. This does not include any configuration of your switches or firewall.

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