Monthly Support
Cost per Server£40 per month
Cost per Desktop/Laptop£20 per month
Unlimited remote support
Unlimited on-site support
Unlimited telephone support
Monitoring software
Unlimited Phones/tablets
Replacement hardware
Software updates
WiFi / switches
Router/Firewall support
Antivirus management
Strategy planning
Data backup support
o365 management
Cable TypeOur Expert ViewData Speed / Distance
Cat.5 (copper twisted pair)Not available100Mbps / 100m
Cat.5e (copper twisted pair)Slightly cheaper than Cat.61Gbps / 100m
Cat.6 (copper twisted pair)Most popular for internal building wiring1Gbps / 100m
Cat.6a (copper twisted pair)For data centres or where equipment demands high current PoE10Gbps / 100m
Cat.7 (copper twisted pair)There is no equipment available with connectors supporting this standard (Not Recommended)10Gps / 100m
Cat.7a (copper twisted pair)There is no equipment available with connectors supporting this standard (Not Recommended)10Gps / 100m
Cat.8.1 (copper twisted pair)Standard not ratified by ISO and will only be intended for data centres10Gbps / 100m
Cat.8.2 (copper twisted pair)As Cat.8.1 but connector interface not backward compatible with RJ4510Gbps / 100m
25/40Gbps / 30m
OM1 (fibre optic)Be careful, different size fibre to OM2,OM3,OM4,OM51Gbps / 275m
10Gbps / 32m
OM2 (fibre optic)Use OM41Gbps / 550m
10Gbps / 82m
OM3 (fibre optic)Use OM41Gbps / 550m
10Gbps / 300m
40Gbps / 100m
100Gbps / 100m
OM4 (fibre optic)Use between buildings or where distance between cabinets is >90m or 10Gbps links required1Gbps / 1100m
10Gbps / 550m
40Gbps / 150m
100Gbps / 150m
OM5 (fibre optic)Standard not ratified by ISO. Wideband version of OM4 supporting higher speeds. Primary use: Data Centre.As OM4 but with -
400Gbps / 150m
OS1 (fibre optic)Use OS21Gbps / 2km
10Gbps / 2km
100Gbps / 40km
OS2 (fibre optic)Extended distance between buildings1Gbps / 40km
10Gbps / 10km
100Gbps / 5km
£3.80 /month
Business Essentials
£7.90 /month
£9.40 /month
Business Premium
Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access (Web & Mobile Version)
Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access (Desktop Version)
1Tb /user storage and sharing with OneDrive
Exchange, SharePoint, Teams
50Gb Mailbox with custom email domain
Manage tasks and teamwork with Microsoft Planner
24/7 phone and web support
Company-wide intranet and team sites with SharePoint
Online meetings and video conferencing for up to 250 people
Hub for teamwork to connect your teams with Microsoft Teams
Manage your business better with Microsoft Invoicing, Microsoft Bookings, and MileIQ
Maximum number of users300300300
Licensed for commercial use
10 Hour Package
Package Price£400
Hourly Rate (remote work)£40
Hourly Rate (on-site work)£80
TeamViewer App included for remote support
We help fix a broken PC/server
We help you with Microsoft applications
We help manage your Office365 services
We help you setup/restore backups
Project work
Consulting & strategy
Up to 100Gb£8.00
Up to 250Gb£21.00
Up to 500Gb£36.00
Up to 1Tb£70.00
Up to 2Tb£138.00
Up to 5Tb£340.00
Overuse per Gb£0.10
Great value
Enterprise solution
Typical installed price for 10x AC WAP£2,200£5,000
Suitable for high density environments
Warranty1 Year3 Years
Channel optimizationChannels smart configure at startupChannelfly - Dynamically swap channels to boost performance
Firmware updatesFree as releasedFree within support contract
TechnologyUnifi - all round signal coverageBeamflex - Smart Antenna system to focus the signal to clients
MonitoringWeb based interface and mobile appWeb based interface
Bronze Mover
Silver Mover
Gold Mover
Consultation & survey (existing premises)
Survey (new premises)
Dedicated Project Manager
Install new cabling/WiFi infrastructure
Move all comms servicesOptional
Comprehensive pre go-live testingOptional
Provide detailed project plan
Move all IT equipment
Move everything; furniture, plants, warehouse etc
Delapse old premises and manage dilapidationsOptionalOptionalOptional
LeedsLeicesterMaidenheadMilton Keynes
£20 per month
Suitable for 1-5 Users
£35 per month
Fibre Broadband
Suitable for 1-20 Users
From £190 per month
Leased Line
Suitable for 10-1000 Users
Download Speedup to 24MbpsUp to 76MbpsUp to 10Gbps
Upload Speedup to 1Mbpsup to 19Mbpsup to 10Gbps
Suitable for Office 365?
Suitable for Voice in the cloud?Only with Converged variant - £15 extraOnly with Converged variant - £15 extra
Is the speed guaranteed?
Setup Charge£65£65Free with 3yr term
Service Level Fix TimeNo SLANo SLA7 hours
Minimum Term3 months3 months1 Year
Requires PSTN Line
Static IP supplied?
Usage LimitUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Cloud PBX
The most reliable, flexible, scalable telephone system in the cloud. Pay as you grow.
Find out more
A true workhorse which can operate in the harshest of environments and last many years.
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Avaya IP500
A thoroughbred with a vast ecosystem of developers for feature-rich applications.
Find out more
Ideally suited to a Business with the following minimum extensions2510
Maximum extensions should not exceedUnlimited5003000
Free calls bundle
Reporting & InsightsOptionalOptional
Call RecordingFrom £4 per monthOptionalOptional
Remote Working
Dedicated UK Helpdesk
CRM integrations
Self-Install Option
Free Software Updates
Auto Attendant
Outlook Integration
Skype for Business Support
Soft Phone Option
Support Included
Handsets with QWERTY keyboard
WiFi Handsets
Audio Conferencing (Max Number)43-663
Cloud Call Centre Option
Standard Tariff
Corporate Tariff
BT Business Correct on 1/2/2018
Minimum Monthly SpendNone£500None
Minimum term3 months3 months1 to 5 years
Charge for Non Direct Debit£8
Analogue Line Rental£13£12£17.60
ISDN Channel Rental£12.50£12.50£25.20
Calls to 01,02 & 03 numbers1p per minute1p per minute26p per minute
Calls to UK mobiles5p3p26p
Minimum call charge1p1p26p
Our experts view
You pay
Pence Per Minute
Your caller pays
Pence Per Minute
01, 02
Create local branches, even without physical presence2p after allowancelocal rate
Perfect for creating a national presence1.5p after allowancelocal rate
0800, 0808
Great if you want to encourage people to call you4pFree
Costly for your callerFreeUp to 7p
+ access charge
Even more costly for your callerYou receive a rebate Call to discussUp to 13p
+ access charge
Income stream if your provide PAYG premium servicesYou receive a rebate Call to discussUp to £3.60
+ one-off charge up to £6
+ access charge
SIM only
Putting you in control
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Package Deals
From all UK networks
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Handsets (or kit fund) supplied inclusive within monthly charge
Fixed term contractNormally 24 months
Mix & match sims across networks all on single invoice
Exit charge for disconnection mid-term£40 if within first 6 monthsTotal cost of remaining term rental
Ability to flex connections up or down
Ability to flex bolt-ons up or down
Friendly dedicated UK helpdesk

Per user per month

Per user per month
250 mins + 250 texts + 300MBSee Elastic Data
500 mins + 500 texts + 500MBSee Elastic Data
Unlimited calls/texts + 3GBSee Elastic Data£14.50
Unlimited call/texts + 5GBSee Elastic Data£15.50
Unlimited calls/texts + 8GB£16.00
Unlimited calls/texts + 10GB£17.50
Unlimited calls/texts + 16GB£17.50
Unlimited calls/texts + 20GB£25.00
Unlimited calls/texts + 24GB£18.50
Unlimited calls/texts + 32GB£19.50
Unlimited calls/texts + 50GB£25.00£33.00
Unlimited calls/texts + 100GB£35.00£38.00

Per user per month
iPhone XR 64Gb Any Colour£48 per month
6Gb Data
£74 per month
30Gb Data
£50 one-off payment
£59 per month
30Gb Data
Samsung Galaxy S10£51 per month
6Gb Data
£70 per month
30Gb Data
£50 one-off payment
£54 per month
15Gb Data
Samsung Galaxy A6£22 per month
1Gb Data
£25 per month
1Gb Data
£24 per month
2Gb Data
£2.05 per month
Mobile Device Management
12 month term
£4.10 per month
plus Secure Productivity Suite
12 month term
£5.45 per month
plus Mobile Threat Management
12 month term
Fast device enrolment
Integrate with Microsoft Exchange and Office 365
Restrict device features such as camera, screen capture, cloud backup and blacklist or whitelist apps
Helpdesk features such as passcode resets and device screen sharing for support (Teamviewer licence required)
Enforce password policies for GDPR compliance
Remotely locate, lock and wipe lost or stolen devices
Monitor data usage for each device and apply limits and alerts
View detailed hardware and software inventory reports
Separate personal & corporate data
Safely support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
Robust set of office productivity tools for viewing and sharing
Reduce risk of sensitive data leakage
Wipe suite container, app containers, enterprise profiles or whole device
Mobile malware detection and remediation
Discover hiders that try to mask detection of jailbroken and rooted devices
Detect apps with malware signatures and malicious behavior from a continually updated database