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BT Fixed Lines, SIP, Cloud Phone Systems, PBX, Numbers and more

Is your telephone system still fit for purpose?   Unsure about upgrades and the latest technology? or worried about the BT switch off?  Get in touch, we are experts in all things telecoms, and pride ourselves on giving expert honest advice – even if that’s to keep with what you have! and we offer all this without unnecessary lengthy contracts.  We want you to stay because you appreciate great value and love our service, not because you have to.

We offer a range of on-premise and cloud telephone systems, SIP trunks, BT lines and calls, and dedicated numbers to suit your business.

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    Technical experts, not salespeople
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    Approved in local authorities & Healthcare
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    Clear honest advice
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    Experts in both cloud & on-premise
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    Installing VoIP since 2000

    Why easyNetworks for your telecoms?

    • Because we are all passionate about providing our customers great advice and the best prices. We are unlike most telecoms providers – because we do not commit you to unnecessary and long contracts, and we don’t hide sneaky auto renewals in our contracts.
    • We don’t employ sales people with their expensive salaries and perks – which means we do not pester you and we reflect these savings in our prices.
    • We do not waste your time with inflated prices which you have to negotiate down. We simply offer you our best price, first time.

    What our customers say…