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To mark the 15th annual National Apprenticeship Week, we will celebrate apprentices and highlight the importance of apprenticeships to easyNetworks and our staff. There are 90 different professions that people can access through apprenticeships. It is a fantastic alternative for university and young adults to fast track their careers by gaining the skills of a trade.

At easyNetworks, we currently have six employed apprentices that work in three different departments: accounts, engineering, and IT. So, in support of Thank You Thursday, this article will celebrate apprenticeships, our partners and their mentors – we also have some insightful quotes from all involved.

A younger eye for IT

Our apprenticeships are incorporated into many parts of the business; even one of our Technical Experts was recruited as a Level 3 Infrastructure Technician Apprentice. Owen joined the team to develop his career and become a Technical Services Engineer. His manager, Gary (who is the star of our Cloud Phone trilogy), said,

“Owen is a great addition to our team, and it is wonderful to watch him develop and grow within the business. An apprentice’s worth within the business increases, and we reward them, accordingly, paying them above the usual rate for apprentices in the UK.”

Owen added his thoughts,

“I feel trusted with growing responsibilities – it’s all about putting customers first at easyNetworks, and I’m finding opportunities to put that into practice.  My colleagues are always there to support me, I am taught something new every day, and the team help to ensure that I feel confident with what I have learned.”

Learn on the Job

One of the most favourable aspects of apprenticeships is that they teach young people the skills of the role whilst introducing them to a professional environment. This type of experience isn’t gained from college or university, allowing Individuals who choose the apprenticeship route to enhance their professional development and gain knowledge that their peers may lack.

Alfie is a Network Cable Installer apprentice; we asked him why he chose the route and how he felt about his thus far; he said

“I chose to become an apprentice at easyNetworks because I was interested in IT products and wanted to understand cabling and how things work. What I enjoy the most about the job is the diversity, one day, you can be cabling on a building site, and the next, you’re installing Wi-Fi in a factory unit. So far, I have learnt how to cable a building (the correct way) and terminate cat cabling and fibre splicing,”

A considerable benefit of 12–15-month apprenticeships is that all the planning has already been completed in readiness for both the employers and employees to follow. As our partner, CNet Training helps support our apprentices through a mutual commitment to education. They assist us by covering the classroom studies and exams at Barking and Dagenham College, which we would be unable to complete in house. Instead, our technical and engineers team provide “on-the-job” learning.

The Network Installer (NCI®) Apprenticeship teaches apprentices the knowledge to complete both copper and fibre cable installation projects and demonstrate the highest levels of skills and expertise in network cabling infrastructures; this also includes competency and confidence to install Smart Building technology such as wireless access devices, VoIP telephony, CCTV, access controls and biometric security systems.

We asked Catherine Weissand what she thought about working with easyNetworks,

“Barking and Dagenham College are privileged to work alongside easyNetworks to upskill and strengthen their workforce. Apprenticeships are a great way to expand and develop employees and stay updated in an ever-changing industry.

For easyNetworks, their team of certified and qualified individuals will instantly deliver confidence that their network cable infrastructures will be installed competently, accurately, and efficiently, to the highest quality standards.”

CNet Training’s expert Instructors deliver the following programs as part of the NCI® Apprenticeship:

  • The Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI®) program.
  • The Certified Integrated Infrastructure Technician (CIIT®)


  • Internationally and industry recognised BTEC Level 3 Award Certified Network Cable Installer (Copper)
  • Internationally and industry recognised BTEC Level 3 Award Certified Network Cable Installer (Optical Fibre)
  • Internationally and industry recognised BTEC Level 4 Award in Certified Integrated Infrastructure Technician


  • Official Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI®) certification (use of CNCI postnominal title, use of the CNCI® logo, use of the official Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI®) Digital Badge)
  • Fluke CCTT® certification
  • Official Certified Integrated Infrastructure Technician (CIIT®) certification (use of the CIIT postnominal title, use of the CIIT® logo, use of the official Certified Integrated Infrastructure Technician (CIIT®) Digital Badge)

Other awards:

  • Eligibility for an ECS (Electrotechnical Certification Scheme) Network Infrastructure Installer Gold Card (only available in the UK)
  • Continual Professional Development (CPDs)
  • 10 IEEE Continual Education Units (CEUs)
  • Health, Safety & Welfare in Construction
  • L2 Confined Spaces
  • Working at Heights
  • PASMA Mobile Towers
  • Asbestos Awareness Training
  • NRSWA Guarding and Lighting Operative
  • First aid at work

Make money while getting a qualification.

Apprenticeships are usually considered an alternative path to university, but they are an exciting opportunity for anyone at any age. Luke joined us as a level 2 accounts apprentice at the start of his career and had progressed to a Level 7 CIMA Professional Accountant Apprenticeship whilst becoming a manager. Luke gave us some insight into his view on apprenticeships and how they have helped to progress his career,

“I genuinely believe that the apprenticeship scheme has helped me develop throughout my career so far. At the core of an apprenticeship is a focus on Knowledge, Skills & Behaviours that you acquire either in the classroom or on the job, skills such as Professional scepticism, Decision Making & Leadership.

I have needed to utilise many of these skills in recent years, as I have been expanding my team and joining management. We have recently welcomed Sam Oliver to the team, and I look forward to helping him progress through his apprenticeship.

During the pandemic, job security was a real threat for many apprentices. So, it is great to see in the past year that easyNetworks have been investing in the future by hiring more apprentices across Finance, IT and now Data Cabling.”

The newest member of his team, Sam, a Level 2 Accounts Assistant Apprenticeship whom we quoted yesterday for #AskAnApprentice, said this…

“I chose to do an apprenticeship so that I could pass the AAT qualification and experience working life within an accounts department – the bonus is being paid. I find my apprenticeship very interesting, and I am learning a lot, both on and off the job. I see my development as being a positive one; I am constantly enhancing my experience and knowledge, which I can use to progress in my studies and help me to pass my exams.”

Our partner, Sarah Goodyer from HSDC Work Based Trainer for Accountancy, added, “As an AAT apprenticeship work-based trainer for HSDC, it is my priority to offer support and training throughout the learner’s journey and bring their operational role to life by way of a portfolio of evidence. It is also important to fully engage with employers to create a three-way relationship ensuring a successful outcome, and we are pleased to be working with Easy Networks as an employer.”

Why easyNetworks?

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