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and how they will be changing in 2022

As 2021 comes to a close with the latest COVID restrictions in force, it is clear that we will never return to the old model of daily travel to the workplace.

Whether you work in the SME, education, health or corporate sector your staff will expect remote working tools that bring the office to them, rather than the other way round.

easyNetworks offers a range of flexible and secure solutions for your remote working needs, and as part of the easy family of brands, you can rely on our great value pricing and fair contracts.

Let’s look at 3 key products offered by easyNetworks that enable modern business communications, and how these will be developing in 2022.

1. Microsoft Teams

Put simply, Teams is the most professional and reliable collaboration platform on the planet. Packed with features it is intuitive and easy to use, requires no capital outlay and is compatible with virtually any device. Teams brings your colleagues and customers together seamlessly through video calling; screen sharing; audio conferencing; group and personal chat messaging; online meetings (of thousands of users if necessary) and document sharing.

All of this is available as part of the Microsoft 365 productivity suite from £3.80 per user per month. Teams can even replace your telephone system service altogether with Microsoft 365 Business Voice licensingcontact us here for details.

How is Microsoft Teams developing in 2022?
You may already be aware of the metaverse, immersive virtual reality spaces (VR) such as those recently announced by Facebook where people can work and play as digital avatars. However, Microsoft has stolen a march on their big tech rivals by introducing a virtual reality world of their own: Mesh for Microsoft Teams?

Mesh will allow Teams users to present themselves as their “digital twins” in a combination of virtual reality and real-life known as mixed reality. Mesh for Teams can be accessed by the usual devices such as laptops or smartphones as well as VR headsets, and users will be able to participate in Teams meetings as customised 3D avatars, collaborating in a shared holographic experience.

Mesh builds on the Teams “together mode” feature, which was launched in 2020, which brings participants into the same digital space, helping to make meetings more personal and enhancing productivity.

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2. Cloud Phone

It may sound obvious, but even in a world driven by web and email, your telephone system is vital to how a business communicates with its customers because if they can’t get hold of you, they will simply take their business somewhere else.

Lately, traditional “black box under the stairs” style phone equipment is facing threats from all sides: the demands of hybrid working and a distributed workforce, the costs of system maintenance and software upgrades, and with the ISDN switch off getting ever closer, the plug will eventually be pulled on non-VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony once and for all.

The solution is Cloud Phone from easyNetworks. Built on the market-leading BT/Cisco platform, our Cloud Phone system is always online, always secure, and always up to date – with new features added regularly at no additional cost. Calls are delivered to the right person or team every time, with full call management functionality including an auto-attendant, call transfer, hunt groups, music on hold and voicemail.

Cloud Phone enables remote and hybrid working by allowing your staff to make and receive calls at any location, with a single number, as if they were in the office. It comes with a Cisco Webex softphone and works on any device, so you can use a smartphone or headset rather than a desk phone.

Cloud Phone Premium includes all calls to UK mobile or landline numbers for £10 per user per month on a simple 30-day contract with no tie-ins, meaning you can flex users up or down to suit your business requirements.

How is Cloud Phone from easyNetworks developing in 2022?
easyNetworks now offers Cloud Phone Standard at the breakthrough price of £6 per user per month. Cloud Phone Standard includes a Cisco Webex softphone, enabling remote working, and call management features such as call hold, call transfer, hunt groups, auto-attendant and music on hold.

The new Standard user level will revolutionise your business for an astonishingly low monthly cost of just £6 per person and naturally easyNetworks offers this on the same flexible 30 day terms as Premium. Click here to see Cloud Phone features compared.

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3. IT Support and Security

A distributed user base requires more than just reliable telephony, productivity, and collaboration tools – it needs a firm foundation in terms of the security of your network and support you can trust.

easyNetworks offers unlimited remote and on-site IT support from only £20 per user per month with a simple 30-day contract. We look after your entire computer estate, allowing you to focus on your business while we monitor your network and ensure the resilience of your systems, meaning your staff stay working regardless of any hardware problems or software glitches that may occur.

How is IT Support and Security from easyNetworks developing in 2022?
IT security is vital in the modern workplace, with threats from hackers, ransomware and viruses now commonplace. To make certain your company and customer data is secure, your business will need to fully implement security protocols and carry out a full security audit, and easyNetworks is delighted to announce a new partnership with CyberSmart to offer simple and affordable cybersecurity for SMEs.

CyberSmart protects your business around the clock and helps you achieve Cyber Essentials certification, a valuable security standard that will be respected by customers and suppliers alike.

The combination of the reliability and functionality of our hybrid working tools with trustworthy cybersecurity will ensure the success of your business going forward. As part of the easy family of brands it’s in our DNA to deliver innovative solutions and great value – so contact easyNetworks today to discuss your requirements.

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