The top 5 hidden features of Microsoft 365

The top 5 hidden features of Microsoft 365

Are you using Microsoft 365 to its full potential?

As many as 88% of employees want to continue working from home in some capacity once lockdown restrictions lift, so hybrid working is here to stay. Consequently, many businesses require collaboration software with reliable security to ensure that their workforce is productive and safe.

Microsoft 365 is a great value solution and widely adopted, but it is a complex product and users could be missing out on some of its best features, so we have listed some of the best-kept secrets of Microsoft 365 that you may have missed.

The top 5 hidden features of Microsoft 365

1. Task tracking and project management apps – Microsoft Lists and Microsoft To Do
Obviously Microsoft Lists is an application that creates… lists, although it can do so much more! Lists works alongside Teams to help colleagues manage and track workloads with pre-built templates, which will encourage your team to log their schedules whilst organising their working week. A key feature worth mentioning is that templates include issue tracking for helpdesks, event itineraries, asset tracking, project planners and social media calendars that can be accessed by as many or as few colleagues as you like. Microsoft To Do (which used to be called Tasks) is a similar free app but offers a more personal approach to productivity and project management. You can still use To Do to collaborate with colleagues and manage their tasks and many users love its task scheduler and prioritisation tools. Naturally both apps work on all mobile devices so you can take them with you.

2. Document collaboration within Microsoft Teams
Many businesses will be familiar with Microsoft Teams but may not be using it to its full potential. Teams enables your workforce to run calls, chats, meetings and collaborate on documents from a single platform, staying connected and secure within a single application. Microsoft Teams runs on every device and allows staff to work on Office documents together, simplifying collaboration and removing the need to share files for proofing, etc. Teams  integrates with the cloud document storage offered by SharePoint and OneDrive, which are also part of the Microsoft 365 eco system and included in most subscriptions.

3. Teams Voice solutions
Another little known feature in Microsoft Teams is Teams Voice, which integrates Teams with the easyNetworks Cloud Phone platform, allowing users to make and receive voice calls via the Teams app. You can take or make calls both from within Teams and externally via Cloud Phone, giving you a single number and a single app for voice and video calls on all your devices – in fact you’ll never need to give out your mobile number again.

4. The FastTrack onboarding tool
The FastTrack feature speeds up the adoption of Microsoft 365 throughout your business by enabling onboarding of staff and offering self-guided support to users. The FastTrack platform has a huge library of resources Microsoft 365 customers with an eligible subscription can access FastTrack and its benefits for no extra cost.

5. The Yammer social media platform
Yammer is your own private social media platform, connecting colleagues and team members across your business… from the shop floor to the top floor. With chat, groups, newsfeeds and team messaging options similar to Facebook and Linkedin, you can post messages, videos and documents securely to Yammer with no advertising. The whole platform is customisable, available on every device and completely free with all the standard Microsoft 365 subscription types.

We hope this article helps you to discover some new and useful features within Microsoft 365 to try out. For more details on Microsoft 365 and the hidden benefits of this powerful suite of productivity and collaboration tools, click here to contact easyNetworks. Our technical experts look forward to hearing from you.

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