Network Troubleshooting

Network troubleshooting and network repairs

If your business is struggling with slow Wi-Fi, device “hanging”, telephone calls dropping out, or just general poor speeds, your network may be running slow – or worse, could be completely broken.

At easyNetworks, we are technical experts in all areas of network troubleshooting. We understand that networks are complex and there are multiple elements that can cause a need for network repairs, ranging from servers and routers to switches, firewalls, traffic shaping and cabling issues. As forementioned, among other things, these can all have drastic effects on your network and impact business internet connectivity.

Pricing for network troubleshooting and network repairs starts from £185.

Network assessment services

Our experienced engineers are on hand with testers to perform network troubleshooting, if any problems may arise, following our initial network assessment service and network security assessment. They will either be able to fix the issue immediately as they arrive with a well-stocked van that usually has all the necessary components in it. Alternatively, they will recommend a pragmatic solution to reinstate the service.

easyNetworks understand the urgency of a timely network repair, so your business matters can resume in a hasty fashion.  Once you’re back up and running, we can use our network assessment services to provide you with recommendations, minimising the risk of re-occurrences.

Get in touch with us today and speak to an expert about all of your network troubleshooting needs.

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    FAQs for Network Troubleshooting

    What is included in network assessment services?

    We will familiarise ourselves with your network environment and then get to work. Our charge will cover our time (up to two hours). We can identify most problems within this time, and usually perform network repair on the spot, or at least provide an alternative workaround.

    What information is needed to begin network troubleshooting?

    We require a brief overview of your network environment, and you to provide us with any passwords if requested.

    Do you charge for travelling costs when performing network troubleshooting?

    We charge £1 per mile from our closest office to your business premises.

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