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We are excited to introduce our brand-new, stress-free, and simple to use Cloud Phone system instant quote tool that gives you an instant price and can even send you a full detailed proposition without ever having to talk to someone.  If you would like some help with our instant quote tool, then get in touch – we would love to talk with you.

If your company is considering a new telephone system, this tool will provide all the information you need to decide if a cloud phone system is right for you.  You don’t even need to give up any contact details to get your instant quote.

Talk to an expert

You can also speak with one of our friendly in-house experts who will help you refine your business needs, so you’ll get a more accurate quotation.  Our team of specialist engineers are knowledgeable and experienced in all areas of IT and Telecommunications.  We do NOT employ salespeople or pay commissions.

At easyNetworks, it’s in our DNA to offer transparent and honest advice so you can trust us to look after your telecoms and concentrate on other business priorities. We’ve been supplying phone systems since 1995, so we know how to install and configure and optimise your solution to match your business needs, exactly. But don’t take our word for it! Check out our Google reviews here.

So the choice is yours.  Do it yourself or let us help you.

Learn how the Cloud Phone quote tool for easyNetworks works.

It’s simple to use our Cloud Phone system instant quote tool. Move the sliders along to select how many standard and Microsoft users you need; plus, the number of physical desk phones you require. You can also choose if you want call recording, keep your current numbers, and whether you’d like us to come and install it for you. Throughout the process, the tool will dynamically update the price as you go!

If you like what you see, and want to save it, hit “email my quotation”, and you will receive your own bespoke proposal which includes explanatory information about considerations and features.  The proposal is so beautiful, you’ll want to frame it!

What was it like building the Cloud Phone quote tool?

We spoke to our easyNetworks’ Head of Technical about creating the Cloud Phone Instant Quote Tool. Here is how Gary described his experience:

Helping to build the Cloud Phone instant quote tool was a great opportunity to show our customers how open and transparent we are about pricing and our consultative approach to helping our customers.  Just one simple tool to calculate pricing instantly and of course, helpful advice available from our experts when required.

Why did we build this instant quote tool?

Following on from Gary’s quote, we spoke to easyNetworks’ Managing Director about the potential benefits of the Cloud Phone Quote Tool. This is what he had to say:

The Cloud Phone instant quote tool is a brilliant asset that offers a non-intrusive and no obligation service where companies can instantly see the cost of our Cloud Phone system – without having to give up any contact details.  We all know that the moment you show any interest for telecoms services, you will get hounded with sales calls for life!

I hate telecoms salespeople, so I don’t employ them, and I don’t pay commissions.  I employ and nurture technical experts who I know will give the very best advice – and never try and upsell something you do not need.

An introduction to our Cloud Phone System.

Cloud Phone system from easyNetworks is telephone system, or PBX (Private Branch Exchange) hosted within the cloud. Incoming and outgoing calls will flow through the internet instead of traditional BT telephone lines.

diagram to show typical cloud phone deployment

The Great British switch-off

As soon as 2025, it will be mandatory to change over to a Cloud-Phone or a VoIP alternative because of the fast-approaching Great British switch-off.

The BT Openreach ISDN network launched in 1985 and consisted of mainly copper lines, which over time have been replaced by fibre-optic cables that are capable of transmitting data far quicker than we could have ever dreamed of a decade ago. Since then, technology has rapidly advanced to more modern cloud-based telephone systems. Due to the ever-increasing demand for internet-based telecoms, the need for traditional ISDN & PTSN services has gradually eroded over time, leading to BT Openreach announcing their withdrawal from the investment of the network and agreeing to a switch-off deadline of 2025.

Learn more about our Cloud Phone system with our video series.

Switch today!

Cloud Phone from easyNetworks is a flexible and reliable platform that enables hybrid working and can revolutionise your business communication. It offers cutting-edge functionality at a meagre price per user with no commitments and is suitable for businesses of any size from 5 users upwards.

For more details on how Cloud Phone can work for your business, use the following form to book a call with one of our cloud phone experts or call us today. In the meantime, subscribe to our YouTube channel for brief guides and bitesize product news, and keep up to date with us on social media.

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