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VoIP Optimised Internet

Ensure your business VoIP telephone system has guaranteed call quality with optimised VoIP internet. VoIP optimised is the access element of our end-to-end IP telephony service; it can be added to broadband or leased line access services, prioritising voice traffic over your internet connection.

VoIP services provide a guaranteed end-to-end quality voice experience for our Cloud PBX systems and SIP Trunks for on-premises telephone systems. With easyNetworks, you will have the best VoIP call quality available; get the ball rolling and talk to one of our experts today.

Business VoIP systems with optimised VoIP internet

At easyNetworks, we are expert VoIP and cloud telephone solution providers. We offer you a next-level service that uses next-generation, dedicated IP networks, whilst providing you with a supplied router. Our business VoIP phone service and systems are designed to provide excellent resilience and voice traffic prioritisation on handsets, the network core, and the telephone network.

The network is dedicated to real-time voice services, providing the best VoIP call quality by withholding the right amount of bandwidth to support your calls – this leaves the rest of your bandwidth free for unrestricted internet access.

Find out more about our optimised VoIP internet below. Alternatively, contact us to discuss business VoIP systems and VoIP deals at your earliest convenience.

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    Guaranteed call quality on broadband
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    Free VoIP routers
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    Ideal for Cloud PBX systems and SIP Trunks
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    Great value
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    Dedicated to VoIP and mixed usage

    FAQs about Optimised VoIP Internet

    What happens if the broadband VoIP system has a problem?

    We monitor your broadband and alert you immediately if there is a problem – allowing us to ensure that your business VoIP phone service runs as smoothly as possible.  We can divert your calls quickly and efficiently, so that your callers can still get a hold of you if your internet service is unavailable.

    Do easyNetworks supply a router?

    Yes. We supply a Cisco or Huawei router with VoIP optimised internet. The router model will depend on which service is being optimised for VoIP.

    Why should I use easyNetworks over other VoIP providers?

    We were early adopters of VoIP telephone systems and have been a VoIP internet provider for many years.  Our friendly technical team offer the best advice and know their specialist products inside out, so you can be confident that you’re getting the best service, at the best price. Our dedicated UK Helpdesk can fix issues quickly, and you’re always their priority – you are never number five in a queue.

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