Broadband from £20 per month

Speeds upto 330Mbps with Ultrafast (FTTP)

Standard (ADSL), Superfast (FTTC) and Ultrafast (FTTP) options available. 

Broadband is cheap and widely available. The speed you get will depend on the technology available and distance to your local exchange. With Superfast (FTTC) the distance to your local street cabinet is also a factor.

Ofcom have a useful tool which provides an indicator of which services are available at your property, and show you a predicted speed. 

Broadband does not have a fix SLA, so consider this when assessing your dependence on your connection.

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    Business grade with static IP
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    ADSL speeds up to 24Mbps
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    Fibre broadband speeds up to 80Mbps
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    Full fibre (FTTP) up to 330Mbps
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    Great value

    FAQs about Broadband

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    We monitor your internet connection and alert you immediately if there is a problem.

    Can I get Fibre Broadband for my business?

    Ofcom have a useful tool which will check what services are available at your property. Ofcom use the term “Superfast” for Fibre Broadband, also known as Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC).

    If my Internet stops working, when will it be fixed?

    With Broadband, there is no specified fix time for the service, so it is fixed on a “best efforts” basis.

    The telephone line is also required for broadband to function, and this is supported with a fix SLA from BT Openreach. This will depend on the Care Level purchased with the line, but we always recommend the top service “Care Level 4” which is 24/7/365 4 hour fix. Again, there are exceptions for matters beyond the reasonable control of BT Openreach.

    Why do I need a static IP address?

    We provide all broadband services with a static IP. It will enable you to gain access to servers or equipment situated at your premises – whilst away from your premises. For example; working from home and accessing company files, FTP server or Microsoft Exchange server, access to CCTV system.

    What is “Ultrafast” Fibre Broadband?

    Ultrafast is the next evolution of Superfast, where fibre is installed from the roadside cabinet into your premises. Speeds are much greater but availability is very limited.

    Why should I use easyNetworks for my Internet access?

    We provide you with the best advice so you have the confidence you are buying the right service. Our dedicated UK Helpdesk fix issues very quickly, and you are never no.5 in a queue.

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