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Business phone numbers for just £10 per month

With virtual phone number for business, you can give your brand a local presence and/or a national image by choosing either a number starting with the dialling code of a geographical area, and/or choosing a national non-geographic number, or both!

Local phone numbers for business, usually start with 01 or 02, and publicising a geographical number for your company in multiple geographical locations, enables you to give project the image of a multi-branch presence even if you don’t have a physical branch in those areas. This means you could attract potential customers in those areas to contact your business.

Whether you’re looking for an 0121 number for Birmingham or an 0161 number for Manchester, we’ve got you covered. We can provide geographic phone numbers throughout the UK.

Or you could choose to present a national image by having a non-Geographical number such as 0800, 0844 or 0344, or combine geographical with non-geographical for maximum reach. There’s a multiple of low-cost tailored options to help you portray your business to the widest audience with easyNetworks – all on simple 30 only commitments.

Find out how a business phone number in the UK can benefit your business.

Business phone numbers in the UK for a national image

Many workers have become home based, or a now work from multiple locations, so virtual office phone numbers have become a necessity in the modern-day business. You don’t need to know how to register a business phone number – we can help you on every step of the way.

Along with geographic phone numbers, you can also get non-geographic numbers for national contact, like 0800, 0808 which are free to your callers or 0345 numbers which are usually charged at local rate – encouraging your callers to ring.

Your numbers are managed using our intelligent smart-phone application which enables a professional sounding auto-attendant, reporting and almost instant diverting of your numbers, so if one of your “offices” is closed, just send the calls to another location. You can even plan your call routing in advance and set it in action at one touch of a button.

Compare different virtual phone number for business options below.

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    Flexible 30 day contract
  • null
    Local numbers for virtual offices
  • null
    Non geo numbers for national presence
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    Smartphone app with instant divert options
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    Advanced routing with added options

    Compare business phone number options

    Business Number
    Our experts view
    You pay
    Pence Per Minute
    Your caller pays
    Pence Per Minute
    01, 02
    Create local branches, even without physical presence2p after allowancelocal rate
    Perfect for creating a national presence1.5p after allowancelocal rate
    0800, 0808
    Great if you want to encourage people to call you4pFree
    Costly for your callerFreeUp to 7p
    + access charge
    Even more costly for your callerYou receive a rebate Call to discussUp to 13p
    + access charge
    Income stream if your provide PAYG premium servicesYou receive a rebate Call to discussUp to £3.60
    + one-off charge up to £6
    + access charge

    Add our business phone number continuity service for just £15 per month

    Inclusive call allowance

    With our continuity plan for business phone numbers UK, you will receive an allowance of 10,000 minutes for 01 or 02 inbound calls, or 2,000 minutes for 03 or 07 numbers – for £15 per month.

    One-touch business continuity

    Pre-configure an alternate route to your primary routing plan with this great feature. It can be simply activated using the free smartphone app. This can be used for unplanned outages, or planned outages such as emergency office evacuations or fire drills.

    Advanced call routing

    Route calls to your chosen destinations based on your business hours. Divert calls to other destinations when you are busy, or unavailable.

    Email alerts on missed calls

    Ensure you are proactively notified of any unanswered or engaged calls – ideal as a management tool for ensuring staff are productive in following up every sales lead.

    Call distribution

    Balance calls amongst your branches or teams of people, using a selection of routing rules.


    Upload MP3 or WAV files to use as announcements on your business continuity call plan. This is a way of communicating with callers, using announcements to inform them of details such as opening hours, website addresses and when the office is closed.

    Advanced statistics

    Access comprehensive call statistics online, enabling informed business decisions. Advanced management information relating to call handling efficiencies, including productivity, call patterns and caller behaviour. Data includes time to answer, call waiting time, call outcome and caller details.


    Demonstrate excellent customer service by providing callers with an option to leave a message when someone is unavailable to take their call. Customise voicemail messages to prompt users to leave their details for a call back.

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