General Enquiries

Our experienced team are here to help with any questions you have.

Call us on 0800 1313 100, or email us


Our dedicated UK helpdesk is available to our customers. Our experienced team can assist with any general questions or faults.

Call us on 0344 844 4488, email us

Remote Support

Click here to download this application. We use Teamviewer which is a leading provider of remote control software, it will allow our helpdesk team to help you.

Run the application and tell us your unique ID which will allow us to connect. Don’t worry, you can see everything we do whilst we are in control. When you close the application, we get booted out automatically!

Cloud PBX short help videos

A series of very short videos which show you the basic functions of how to use your Polycom VVX410 with our Cloud PBX.

COVID-19 update. We have noticed an increase with reported issues related to voice quality and connection stability, which is a result of unprecedented load on Internet based services. There is no single cause to these reported issues and we anticipate the primary networks to reconfigure their systems to manage the increased demand. We will continue to prioritise critical faults reported to our helpdesk. Please be safe.