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At easyNetworks, we have over a decade of experience installing flawless wireless networks for businesses. We’ve installed business Wi-Fi in diverse environments and for a range of business sizes, so our team of expert engineers understand how to design and install the perfect business wireless network.

As many of us use our phones frequently, we expect businesses to provide a business Wi-Fi that is strong enough to keep staff and visitors connected during their visit.

Our business Wi-Fi gives wireless users the same rich experience as those connected to the network via a physical cable.  Our specialist technicians can set up a dedicated and secure guest network for visitors, which is completely separated from your business network to keep your business data secure.

Still undecided? Take the guesswork out of your business wireless network by receiving a free no-obligation desktop survey, or browse our wireless brochures to help with your decision-making process.

Wi-Fi solutions for business

Is your business Wi-Fi fit for purpose, reliable and fast?

At easyNetworks, we are experts in wireless internet for business and can offer a tailored business wireless network that suits your user’s needs.

Suppose you are experiencing issues with poor coverage and interrupted connection or slow wireless. In that case, our Wi-Fi Audit can help to identify the cause of the problems and how to fix them (which is usually cheaper than you’d expect).

Our specialist technicians are able to deliver a secure wireless network for your business, and isolated open networks for your visitors and guests, just like they did for Atlas Helicopters. This isolated guest network keeps visitors away from sensitive data on your business wireless network, ensuring there is no chance of a data breach.

Contact us today to learn more about the excellent value of Business Wi-Fi from easyNetworks, available for just £150.

We are dedicated to persistent innovation, and as part of the easy family of brands, it’s in our DNA to give you excellent value, as well as open and reliable communication surrounding our products and pricing.

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    Business Wi-Fi FAQs

    Which vendor should I choose?

    Business Wi-Fi vendor selection will depend on your environment. Our experts love Ubiquiti as it offers exceptional performance, which rivals the more expensive brands but at a fraction of the price. Ubiquiti was considered an “entry level” business wireless solution and quickly became most businesses, schools, and health environments’ first choice. Ruckus and Fortinet are vendors of pedigree and long-established in the market.  The best business Wi-Fi for you ultimately comes down to your location, price, and personal preference.

    What are the risks in providing Wi-Fi to my visitors?

    It is essential to introduce a separate wireless network that’s isolated from your main company network to ensure there is no chance that your data could be breached. Our business wireless network experts also feel that a dynamic company should retain records of all visitors that have access to your network if you need to recall it in the future.

    How can I extend the coverage of my Wi-Fi router?

    We don’t sell products that extend Wi-Fi coverage. In our experience, these units hinder rather than help. Instead, our experts recommend that your router wireless is disabled and that a dedicated business Wi-Fi system be installed. This will deliver the speed and coverage you need.

    Why is my Wireless Network slow?

    A broad question like this can only be answered with more questions.

    Have you compared the speed of your wireless device with one that is directly connected to your router? Have you compared the speed with another device on your network?

    Talk to our business Wi-Fi experts who may recommend our Wi-Fi Audit service to identify problems and figure out ways to resolve them.

    Is providing a secure guest Wireless Network expensive?

    At easyNetworks, we have a range of Wi-Fi solutions for businesses to suit all budgets. Get in touch to find out more.

    Can I add extra Wireless Access Points (WAPs) to speed up my business Wi-Fi?

    Sometimes this may work, but our experts say this often introduces more problems, especially if you’re using your Wi-Fi for real-time applications, such as VoIP. Talk to our experts before you purchase equipment that may not be necessary.

    Which Wi-Fi Vendor should I choose?

    Great value
    Enterprise solution
    Typical installed price for 10x AC WAP£2,200£5,000
    Suitable for high density environments
    Warranty1 Year3 Years
    Channel optimizationChannels smart configure at startupChannelfly - Dynamically swap channels to boost performance
    Firmware updatesFree as releasedFree within support contract
    TechnologyUnifi - all round signal coverageBeamflex - Smart Antenna system to focus the signal to clients
    MonitoringWeb based interface and mobile appWeb based interface

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