Our Ethics

Fairness, Integrity and Respect

We treat everyone who enters our orbit with fairness, integrity and respect – this is hard coded into our daily life. Our core values of excellence, dedication, integrity, and pride underpin everything we touch. We select our suppliers with diligence, and pay them on time. We pay our employees a fair wage and treat them fairly and with consistency. We cherish our customers and aim to delight at every opportunity.

How we interact with our world

We interact with our world and surrounding community with warmth and positive contribution including sponsoring worthy causes and holding fundraising events.

Caring for our world

We aim to tread lightly wherever we walk, causing as little negative environmental impact as we possibly can and continuously seeking ways to enhance our sustainability.

More about us

COVID-19 update. We have noticed an increase with reported issues related to voice quality and connection stability, which is a result of unprecedented load on Internet based services. There is no single cause to these reported issues and we anticipate the primary networks to reconfigure their systems to manage the increased demand. We will continue to prioritise critical faults reported to our helpdesk. Please be safe.