Our Values

Great Value

Giving you an amazing price is why we exist, so we don’t employ salespeople with their fancy cars and big commissions, instead we pass the savings onto you.

You’ll stay because you’re happy not because you have to…

We want to keep you because you recognise great value and a caring attitude. Whenever we can, we avoid committing our customers into lengthy contracts.

Taking on the Big Boys

Compare our prices. We know the “big boys” look good, but they charge you a fortune. And do they really care about you? We do.

Keeping it Simple

Honest pricing. Minimal jargon.

Honest, Open, Caring and Fun

We act ethically and with integrity for our customers, suppliers and our team. We would never sell you a solution if it is not absolutely right for you.

Relentless innovation

We continually invest in people who are turned on by innovation, not sales commissions.

More about us

COVID-19 update. We have noticed an increase with reported issues related to voice quality and connection stability, which is a result of unprecedented load on Internet based services. There is no single cause to these reported issues and we anticipate the primary networks to reconfigure their systems to manage the increased demand. We will continue to prioritise critical faults reported to our helpdesk. Please be safe.